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Hi, Nagato Uzumaki Senju . Welcome to Naruto Wiki Wiki dedicated to the Naruto series

We appreciate that you have registered and we hope that you work together with us!

Naruto Wiki is a project created by Waxo159 on 2 November 2007. The aim is to gather as much information about Masashi Kishimoto masterpiece. You can create an article about anything you know about the manga and anime (characters, jutsu, villages, etc). There are enough things to do, and you can help; either by creating pages, editing or helping in maintaining the articles.

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A cordial greeting from - Fire 013 ( talk ) 20:48 19 Aug 2011

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Hello  Nus  how are you, I saw you deleted the images put because they are  jpg  and wanted to know how do I convert images into Png and if you can help me as to upload more images to the wikia I need the png.

Mangekyō Sharingan de ItachiNeji UchihaMangekyō Sharingan de Itachi El nuevo Genin de KiriMangekyō Sharingan de Itachi


He could enter a village ???????

Vartan Hyuga Vartan Hyuga ( Dischusión ) dead 22:33 3 2016 (Utc)


Hello, NUS, I must say that ends in Kakashi Hatake / History , however could not edit a Shikamaru Nara / History , I do not know why this is but when I add a word to me out of the browser, so I want you to tell me what it is what I do. Luck - Símbolo de Kumogakure Usui Uzumaki Símbolo de Clan Hyūga Chūnin no Kumo Símbolo de Clan Uzumaki 21:15 4 Mar 2016 (UTC)Símbolo de Kumogakure Usui Uzumaki Símbolo de Clan Hyūga Chūnin no Kumo Símbolo de Clan Uzumaki

Are you in chat?

Hello ObscureFlame am a user named Problematiko. And I just want you to know whether others to edit, also is on chat? Nose if it will be an offense or something.


Hello, NUS, wanted to say that as I could not edit the article Shikamaru add the events of The Last in Konohamaru Sarutobi and Tsunade . I hope I can reward the other luck. - Símbolo de Kumogakure Usui Uzumaki Símbolo de Clan Hyūga Chūnin no Kumo Símbolo de Clan Uzumaki 20:54 9 Mar 2016 (UTC)Símbolo de Kumogakure Usui Uzumaki Símbolo de Clan Hyūga Chūnin no Kumo Símbolo de Clan Uzumaki

Hello, Sensei. ¿Choose to come to chat? - Símbolo de Kumogakure Usui Uzumaki Símbolo de Clan Hyūga Jinchūriki no Kumo Símbolo de Clan Uzumaki 20:53 12 March 2016 (UTC)Símbolo de Kumogakure Usui Uzumaki Símbolo de Clan Hyūga Jinchūriki no Kumo Símbolo de Clan Uzumaki


Sorry to correct you, but on page Hut puts team was at some point in the war, and by the age of Gai, Ebisu and Genma makes sense .-- Ryo Terumi ( discussion ) 8:58 15 Mar 2016 (UTC )


Hi Obscure, I saw that you are putting together the "segment" (do not know how to tell) of Boruto and saw you put that Boruto piqued his Jogan at the age of 8 years, which I think (I'm not sure, only I believe) it is wrong, since the other week starts issuing Naruto Gaiden, and Sarada in this saga is where awakens his Sharingan, and Shino if I remember rightly at the beginning or at the end mentions that a week left to graduate at the academy, so which you can say that Sarada is 11 and the rest of his generation (except for Iwabee xD) and the saga of Nue, does not seem far from Naruto Gaiden, plus more than Boruto and his generation are geniuses , you have too much power to have 11 years, and even more so being that Boruto not train and do not think it's very different to the rest of the characters, and if Itachi was a genius who graduated with 7 years of the academy, became ANBU 12 years (in case 12, if 12, this is mentioned in Itachi Shinden, p or any doubt) but grew up in wartime and it seems that every character in Naruto growing up in wartime becomes much stronger, and if it can also be Kakashi graduated with 5 years of the academy, became Chunnin at 6 years and Jounin at age 13, but that guy is a genius born once a millennium, plus it has a too large amount of Chakra, plus I was 13 years old when the war ended, so the as Itachi grew up in wartime, so the same thing happens with Itachi, it becomes much stronger for that reason. In other words, they did not grow in times of war, only Boruto is considered a genius as such (just does not seem to be much stronger than their peers in the only moment that seemed stronger when I fought against Iwabee because there is nothing) and the saga of Nue (as mentioned earlier) chronologically does not seem far from Naruto Gaiden, I'd say Boruto sparked Jogan 11 years. Well, it was just that, greetings :)

PS: Sorry to write so much, I did not realize, I hope you understood, thank you for your attention, greetings (again xD) to have a good time :)

PD2: Sorry I put that title, I wanted to get your attention so that you walked xD

Floon120 ( discussion ) 3:06 July 27, 2017 (UTC) F.loon120 Floon120 ( discussion ) 3:06 July 27, 2017 (UTC)


Why you delete something that is relevant and having tests in the same boruto? ... no sense, when I was invited to this wiki said they were fair and that the information was updated according to current data ... but put an actual data that generated Boruto and relevant borrras though ... do seek to promote ignorance and give information? 


Nus Hi, I would like to talk to you something in the chat so when you're available connect. Saludooss - Dariel Senju ( discussion ) 14:26 14 Aug 2017 (UTC)

Re: Message Management

Nus good, I'm fine thanks do you do this? I intend to continue working in the community from now on, but not in the same way as before. Because of my situation with the studies I can no longer invest the same level of dedication and effort to it, so I think it's better to leave my position as a manager so you can grant it to someone who can and who can commit to enhance Naruto Wiki and carry out the projects that you are starting.

More than anything, this message is to say that keep haunting the community and giving my opinions and ideas despite not being part of the administration. Thank you very much for contacting me to make me aware of what is coming in NW. 

Saludoss uchia Discussion 23:45 15 Aug 2017 (UTC)


Hello Nus could you get to chat for a moment? I need to discuss about an article .-- Dariel Senju ( discussion ) 14:57 19 Aug 2017 (UTC)


Hello Nus, you can enter the chat? I need to get some kanjis and I have no way to do at the moment .-- Dariel Senju ( discussion ) 16:31 21 Aug 2017 (UTC)


Hello, Nus. Please come a moment to chat. There is a vandal not stop bothering us . And it takes a long time, and there is no administrator or moderator who can take. It will be just a second. Alvaro455 ( discussion ) 18:14 2 September 2017 (UTC)


I know you've deleted the page was created, even his name is not known, it is, but you can create that page and when known simply change the name and do not throw away the job of someone who is weill with wiki , graciaaas   Ryo Terumi ( discussion ) 16:18 10 Sep 2017 (UTC)


I am looking for images that no one has. You know the image of Ino Choji and Chocho from episode 23 of Boruto Next Generations that you uploaded? There are a few more images of Ino from that episode and I was wondering if you could upload them for me?Blondie77 (discusión) 20:41 13 sep 2017 (UTC)


The first image was one of the ones I was looking for but the two of her from behind are not. There are a couple images of Ino and Choji talking without Chocho in the picture. Those are the ones I am looking for.Blondie77 (discusión) 21:38 13 sep 2017 (UTC)

Reply and Request

The top image of the first three you showed me and the top image of the second two you showed me are the exact images I am looking for. Could you upload them to the wikia and tell me where you found them?Blondie77 (discusión) 23:14 13 sep 2017 (UTC)

Thank You Reply

Thanks for taking the images and putting them on my talk page and for telling me how you got them. Blondie77 (discusión) 23:58 13 sep 2017 (UTC)

About Kekkei MORA

Hi Nus, as we could not finish the discussion on Kekkei Mora yesterday I would like you to go through the chat when you can to settle this issue, I found relevant information and I think that information needs to be fixed. Saludooss-- Dariel Senju ( discussion ) 12:37 16 Sep 2017 (UTC)

Re: Message Management

Obscure Hi, I'm fine thanks for asking, I hope you do too. Because of my lack of activity, it would seem so brazenly continue the important positions that have and indeed someone could make better use of them. I hope this new restructuring bring new life into the wiki and my attentiveness to help as I can, greetings.

pd: they have become great discussions, I feel at home.

Mei Terumi Senju  Elemento Lava  Dejame un mensaje Símbolo de Kumogakure


Nus Hello, you came to appreciate when you can chat to address an issue. Saludooss

bad edits

Recently the user Edusanfer returned to the activity, however , has been doing bad edits. It would be good Dariel, who already warned, or your review their issues and give notice if they see fit.

Aipas beam ( discusión ) 5 Oct 2017 05:54 (UTC)


Nagato good day, I appreciate that over time the memory of one remains intact in the community. Time continues its course, and waits for no one, is the most independent of the variables, I checked into this encyclopedia almost 5 years and I am proud to have done, I learned a lot, I met many people, I lived many experiences, I witnessed how this encyclopedia grew Fortunately I can say with confidence that I contributed my bit, I held many posts, I discussed many controversies and I spent time doing what I liked. Pitifully as I mentioned rows back, time is unforgiving and the person grows together with its responsibilities, which are covering more and more time generating editors to which I belong made a radical change in the community and many gave way to the editors of a new, now it's my turn to open that door, it gets better people and Naruto Wiki continue to grow, somewhere in my memory will endure. Not being another reason I say goodbye, the encyclopedia is in good hands. Greetings. Símbolo de IwagakureDavid SenjuSímbolo de Iwagakure 1:54 October 15, 2017 (UTC)


It was to tell you not alter the changes made in Kurama.


Nus Hi , could you take care of creating the weekly forum Boruto episode that came out today? I'm somewhat complicated time, I appreciate it. - Dariel Senju ( discussion ) 10:48 1 November 2017 (UTC)


Nus Hi, how long friend, I entered the wiki today and have seen many positive, except obviously the lack of editors changes. I've been reading around and many of my brood have already left the wiki, Alberto for example. I just wish them luck to you and Dariel thanks to stay and look after the place I called home for a long time where I made my first friends and I lose myself in the big world of anime (accompanied by the Gaming). Saludosss PD: Show this message to Mr. Nobody. ( Discussion ) 6:50 November 13, 2017 (UTC)

Color page

Nus, when you can pass me the page 165 of volume 47 of the manga color, I compare it to the one I have, thank you . - Dariel Senju ( discussion ) 14:06 15 November 2017 (UTC)

Another Request

Could you upload the images of Ino Yamanaka from Boruto episode 33 on the wikia or send them to me the way you did the last time?Blondie77 (discusión) 03:20 16 nov 2017 (UTC)

Images and editions

Hola, que tal? thanks for the message editing I'll take it into account, but I need to know or that help on how I can upload the photos and formatting are PNG..pues am new to this and do not know how .. .

Greetings Aria Aria33blaze ( discussion ) 21:00 6 December 2017 (UTC)


HELLO Nus, I wanted to ask me if I'm wrong or editing'm doing something wrong

Monkey d nail (discusión) 18:12 3 ene 2018 (UTC)Monkey D nail

about reversions

Hey, do not quite understand why the reversal of the changes I made in the article Sage of the Six Paths Mode. I can understand that some of the information that I modified and added may be subject to change (the wiki all participate and therefore is mutable) but do not understand why he made a total and radical reversal. As I come several questions Do you need to be registered to remain changes? Is it necessary to propose some changes in my section? It is not possible to modify these items? Could you help me, so I can properly contribute to the Wiki? From already thank you understand any negative related to time. 

El comentario anterior fue obra de (disc.) (contr.) que olvidó u omitió firmarlo.

Hello, I registered as you have advised me, and manually re-edit to not affect any code that eliminates references as I requested. I do not understand because you revertís my edits in Article Sage of the Six Paths Mode , you could leave at least one comment on the Edits to understand that I am "failing". In Wikipedia where I come from , I think users configure bots that automatically reversed, I imagine the same thing happening. I added information I think is well done, it is make links to other articles on the Wiki. It bothers me to be explaining each issue to do, but I understand that this will improve as we know and know how to work each. Greetings.
PD: Where I can customize my signature? - Chapita2018 ( discussion ) 1:12 13 Jan 2018 (UTC)

Well, first of all thanks to what templates, and know that tool it is very useful. I think it will create a template not signed by that I wanted to use and it seems that does not exist. I liked what you added to the article [ [1] ] wanted to add something. I understand that there are other items which are detailed in depth what happened in the arc vs. Edited Momoshiki and what yesterday seemed a minor edit. However as it was also this good. I usually use in Wikipedia talk pages of articles to situations of discrepancy, but what I see here there are so many editors and may miss my comment. And in the chat so I was frequenting talk about other topics and the same will probably happen. To another novelty, is it okay to talk about it here? Archivofirma2Llámame Chapita Archivofirma1 Escríbeme. 18:59 13 ene 2018 (UTC)



Nus Hi, I am writing to inform you that added information in the article Katasuke Tōno .

۞ ∨工匚 丹ㄥモち ۞ Déjame un Mensaje 00:37 5 Mar 2018 (UTC) ( discusión ) 00:28 3 feb 2018 (UTC)

Hello! Send information to it is not important information staff anime: O ?? Regards!   KikoNaruto ( discussion ) 19:07 February 3, 2018 (UTC) KikoNaruto KikoNaruto ( discussion ) 19:07 February 3, 2018 (UTC)


Hello Nus, as you will see in the title I write to inform you about the episodes that renombraste, in the case of episode 46 the translation is correct you have; and in the case of episode 47 I agree that you changed the translation and if you want to know where I've taken because of the facebook page of the wiki: v

۞ ∨工匚 丹ㄥモち ۞ Déjame un Mensaje 00:37 5 Mar 2018 (UTC) 20:42 3 Mar 2018 (UTC) 20:19 3 Mar 2018 (UTC)


Hi how are you?. I'm new and I saw one of my edits erased. and I wondered why? I just want you to give me advice if I did wrong. JoseMiguelGR ( discussion ) 21:30 15 Mar 2018 (UTC)
Hi how are you?. I'm new and I saw one of my edits erased. and I wondered why? I just want you to give me advice if I did wrong. JoseMiguelGR ( discussion ) 21:36 15 Mar 2018 (UTC)

Naruto Shinobi Colection

Good Nus, created twice in the same article. and

It makes no sense to have twice the same article. If you do not believe me is the same:

and the official website of the game:

If you had asked you had not wasted time as well. You know very well who I am and what I represent. Anyway.

A greeting Nothing is true and everything is permitted 27 Mar 2018 23:05 (UTC)

E3 2018

Hello! I just sent you an email about participation during E3 2018. I hope you can read and respond soon on your availability. A greeting! - Wikia contributor (Contact) 16:13 5 June 2018 (UTC)

Flame Hello again! As explained in the recent entry , we are enabling a special module to inform communities about the news as they are published on the E3. Bandai is a company that has presence, and perhaps show something about Naruto; so I think it will have some relevance to this wiki. I write this message to ask if you are interested in adding the module in the wiki during the day throughout the event. - Wikia contributor (Contact) 9:45 8 June 2018 (UTC)
Nothing happens, it will be another time. On the module, you yourself can add it now if you want. In the blog are the instructions. Greetings. - Wikia contributor (Contact) 19:55 June 9, 2018 (UTC)

ninja academy

Hi Raikage Flame Obscure wanted to ask him if he can enter the academy ninja?


Where did you get that from what 

"Amenosubaruboshinomikoto" ?? Do you have sources or something? really I do not know where they got this tongue twister. Zeotrin0 ( discussion ) 20:19 22 July 2018 (UTC)

Hey, what type of feedback have users Edo Tensei? (Cell, molecular, etc ..). Zeotrin0 ( discussion ) 16:22 23 July 2018 (UTC)

As is done to enter the chat.

Best regards 


Hello, sensei, I want to report this IP , which vandalized Article Sai . You'll know what to do with him, Luck :) - Símbolo de Kumogakure Usui Uzumaki Símbolo de Clan Hyūga Jinchūriki no Kumo Símbolo de Clan Uzumaki 2:51 3 August 2018 (UTC)Símbolo de Kumogakure Usui Uzumaki Símbolo de Clan Hyūga Jinchūriki no Kumo Símbolo de Clan Uzumaki

Thanks for the advice, I'll take into account nwn Obito5235 ( discussion ) 6:20 5 August 2018 (UTC)


Sorry to interrupt this so abruptly. But that was abruptly injustice happened in the chat. As you told me, I would not stay baneo after all since they had already spent 3 years. But now I'm banned again, and denuevo, unfairly. I hope some of this is resolved one way or another. Thank you for reading. {{SUBST: User: Marshallow / Signature}} 22:06 5 Aug 2018 (UTC)

Congratulations header

Well you fixed items Kurama mode and Wise 6C, generated much confusion as it was before. From here you got eggs for drastic change, but your range belie me look. But I still think it could be improved but the Kurama mode, but of course if you let us ... Luck


MK's article seems very overloaded mode designs. It really has a lot! I watched other items to see how this was about, but can not find how to correct it without changing the characteristic style of the Wiki. I thought about moving some images of curiosities in order to reduce the burden ... I do not know

user annoying

Good Kokuen, user lock request to this user , and also a check ip, along with User: Sasuke Aburame and User: Kiba Inazuka . Really I suspect that the three accounts are the same person, as vandalize.

Símbolo de Kirigakure Seigi Murakumo Símbolo de País del Agua ¿Necesitas algo? Símbolo de Kirigakure 15:11 28 Aug 2018 (UTC)

Might spare time if you stop by one piece wiki as two managers walk quite regulars inactive Asiduosdelawiki ( discussion ) 16:04 4 October 2018 (UTC)

Naruto Answers

Good Morning! Support FANDOM would ask your community to help you accommodate another wiki. We're seeing some problems " Naruto Answers " and we would consider closing that community and integrate into their community of Naruto. We believe that your area of discussion should be a good replacement. Are you ready for this? - FishTank ( wall ) 20:09 19 October 2018 (UTC)@fandom

User banear

Hello NUS, an anonymous user had to ban  Yurito but already I reversed, out there in the background and let you notice Cero 1326 ( discussion ) 7:09 October 24, 2018 (UTC) Zero 1326

Membership of the spirit

Hello, since they have a world and similar topics, would you like to affiliate with Naruto wiki wiki Spiritpact ? Please find the mark here:

Spiritpact Wiki-wordmark

S3r0-Ph1i (discusión) 21:27 26 oct 2018 (UTC)

¿Estoy siguiendo el protocolo correctamente? Si agrego la marca de Naruto (¿la que está en la página principal desde esta segunda?) ¿Te importaría agregar Spiritpacts para finalizar la afiliación? El sitio de Naruto en inglés actualmente sufre de mala administración, de ahí que pregunte por esta wiki de Naruto (una nota notablemente mejor). Spiritpact y Naruto tienen un mundo y temas similares, razón por la cual la serie debería estar afiliada. La sección "wikis aliados" en la página principal es probablemente más precisa ya que está enlazando dos sitios wiki.

S3r0-Ph1i (discusión) 18:31 28 oct 2018 (UTC)

El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo CC-BY-SA a menos que se indique lo contrario.