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Jūgo's Clan's Kekkei Genkai
Jugo's Level 2 state
Manga Volume #38, Naruto Chapter #349
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #117
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Known Wielders


Members of Jūgo's clan have unique bodies, which allow them to passively absorb natural energy. However, due to the constant intake of natural energy, they are mentally unstable, sporadically feeling sudden, uncontrollable urges to kill, causing them to go on a rampage. Their bodies also secrete special fluids, which through means of Senjutsu chakra allow them to transform parts of their bodies for several purposes. While varied by appearance and function from user to user and even from use to use, the affected parts of their skin change colour (the hair colour also may change) and if the transformation occurs in the eyes, they change colour as well.

Seemingly, the risk of petrification from imbalance of natural energy appears to be nonexistent.


After Jūgo massacred an entire village during one of his rages, he secluded himself, living in caves, until he was approached by Kimimaro, who told him Orochimaru could help him with his urges. Jūgo went to Orochimaru voluntarily, and allowed him to research his transformations. More interested in the source of the transformation than in curbing the killing urges, Orochimaru experimented with Jūgo's body fluids, developing an enzyme that can trigger similar changes in other, suitable hosts, through cursed seals, which Orochimaru determined to be ten percent of the population, all others dying after having the cursed seal applied. However, their transformations are limited to fixed forms, able only to transform into a specific form back and forth. His investigations on the source of their power also led him to the discovery of Ryūchi Cave.

After Sasuke absorbed Orochimaru, Kabuto Yakushi found himself without purpose, and following Orochimaru's belief of adding to himself to find his true self, injected himself with the biological material of the subjects of many of Orochimaru's experiments, including Jūgo. Doing his all to emulate his master, Kabuto went to the Ryūchi Cave, and the ability to absorb natural energy passively aided him in training senjutsu under the White Snake Sage.

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