"…of the Sharingan!!" (写輪眼の…!!, Sharingan no…!!, Viz: He of the Sharingan!!) is chapter 688 of the original Naruto manga.


Obito asks Rin to wait just a little bit longer, noting that he wanted to help Kakashi who was currently unable to contribute to the ongoing battle. Promising Rin to come back, Obito teleports into the core dimension, manifesting as chakra and inhabits Kakashi. Inside his consciousness, Obito explains that he had come back to give Kakashi an early present. Declaring that he told Naruto to become Hokage, he states that Kakashi should become the Sixth before him. Reminding his comrade of his moniker which was feared across nations, Kakashi opens his eyes and reveals that not only he is once again "Kakashi of the Sharingan", but also in both eyes. Meanwhile, Black Zetsu is pinned down by two rods, and Sasuke is knocked back by Kaguya's chakra arms. Giving Kaguya no time to relent, Naruto draws on the power of all the tailed beasts and uses nine unique Rasenshuriken against Kaguya, resulting in a massive misshapen mass of the combined tailed beasts chakra pouring out of her body when she tries to transform. The mass begins pirouetting numerous arms, one of them absorbs one of Naruto's shadow clones. Seeing one of the arms go after Sakura who attempts to flee, Naruto tells Sasuke to use his dōjutsu to save her, and sees Sakura being saved by Susanoo. To everyone's shock, it is revealed that it was Kakashi that was inside the Susanoo, declaring to Obito in his mind that he will protect their comrades and the world.


  • In one panel, after using one of his three remaining Truth-Seeking Balls as a foothold for Sasuke, Naruto is mistakenly depicted with a fourth ball. This was not corrected in the tankōbon version.
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