"A Battle of Bugs! The Deceivers and the Deceived!" (だまして化かしてだまされて! 壮絶ムシムシ大バトル, Damashite Bakashite Damasarete! Sōzetsu Mushimushi Dai Batoru) is episode 150 of the original Naruto anime.


Hinata is kidnapped by a group of ninja who use a bug technique similar to the technique used by the Aburame clan. It is revealed that the bug users who kidnapped Hinata are part of a clan that was an old rival of the Aburame clan. Shino explains the feud between the both clans started when an attack on Konoha was organised by the Kamizuru clan of Iwagakure. However, the attack was thwarted by the Aburame clan leading the Aburame clan to retain their status in the Hidden Leaf, and causing the the Kamizuri clan to lose their status in Iwagakure. The Kamizuru clan seek to recover a scroll using the bikōchū in order to restore its former glory. Hinata's companions hide the bikōchū and attempt to rescue her, but are lured into a trap. Hinata attempts to escape, but is swept down a river while stuck in a cocoon.