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"A Chance Meeting 1" (邂逅①, Kaikō 1) is chapter 700+3 of the Naruto Gaiden mini-series.


As he was about to leave the village, Naruto asks Shikamaru to say sorry to Boruto, and heads off towards Orochimaru's hideout. Just as Naruto leaves, Boruto arrives together with Mitsuki, with the intent to bring Naruto his lunch. Sarada offers to help bring the food to Naruto and though he is hesitant at first, Boruto later hands it over to Sarada and she heads off together with Chōchō. Unbeknownst to them, however, the two are being watched by a tiny figure with a single Sharingan. At a remote clearing, Shin is ordered by his father to capture Sarada.

Sarada and Chōchō continue to pursue Naruto to deliver his lunch, to which Naruto notices using Sage Mode and hurries back to them in order to avoid wasting time. Stopping momentarily as they catch their breath, Sarada and Chōchō are intruded by Shin. Sarada remarks on his Sharingan as her mother had told her that aside from Sasuke, they were the last of the Uchiha. Shin quickly engages and overwhelms the girls in their brief scuffle, until Naruto intervenes in the end and saves them.

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