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"A Chance Meeting 2" (邂逅②, Kaikō 2) is chapter 700+4 of the Naruto Gaiden mini-series.


Chōchō is surprised to see that Naruto, the Seventh Hokage, has come to their rescue when Shin Uchiha tried to kidnap Sarada. Shin reveals his Mangekyō Sharingan and tries to attack Naruto with his kusarigama from behind, only to fail as Naruto blocks the attack with multiple chakra arms. At the behest of a creature, Shin retreats.

Naruto concludes it's safer for the girls to continue the journey with him, and denies Chōchō's assumption she was the target. Sarada hands him Boruto's lunchbox. While having lunch, Naruto eases Sarada's doubts on her parentage by telling her she heavily resembles her father physically and her mother personality-wise. This, coupled with stories Naruto tells her about her father's and his rivalry, give her great joy and anticipation to finally meet him. As they approach the Ridge Tower where Sasuke is waiting, Chōchō collapses to exhaustion and demands rest despite being so close to the destination. Too eager to wait, Sarada fibs needing to use the restroom to go on ahead, awakening her Sharingan from the feeling of finally meeting her father. However, upon seeing her, Sasuke draws his sword at her, asking if she's affiliated with Shin.

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