"A Dreadful Visitor!!" (恐怖の訪問者!!, Kyōfu no Hōmonsha!!, Viz: The Deadly Visitor!!) is chapter 69 of the original Naruto manga.


With Zaku's arms still damaged from his earlier fight with Sasuke, Shino suggests that he forfeit since they will only be damaged further. Not wanting his pity, Zaku uses his one good arm to shoot blades of wind at Shino from the tubes in the palms of his hands. Meanwhile, Kakashi seals off Sasuke's cursed seal. Orochimaru approaches him and tells him it is useless, as Sasuke's Sharingan will become his no matter what Kakashi does. Kakashi asks about his Team Dosu, but Orochimaru no longer has an interest in them. Zaku realises that he has become boxed in by Shino's bugs. Since he cannot destroy all of them with one arm, he unslings his other arm to attack. When he starts to shoot air from his palms his arms detonate and sever, the tubes having been blocked off with bugs. Shino defeats him.

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