"A Great Debt…!!" (大きな借り…!!, Ōkina Kari…!!, Viz: Debt…!!) is chapter 213 of the original Naruto manga.


The Three Sand Siblings inform the Sasuke Recovery Team that the Fifth Hokage asked for their help, which, because of Naruto, they were inclined to provide. Gaara, seeing that Lee is still suffering from the injuries he inflicted, protects him from Kimimaro. Tayuya retreats when Temari arrives. Shikamaru briefs her on Tayuya's abilities and suggests retreating, but Temari is not interested. Sakon tries to merge with Kankurō in an effort to kill him and get at Kiba. Kankurō uses his puppets as shields which, being unable to merge with, Sakon is easily defeated by.

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