"A New Wind" (新しい風, Atarashii Kaze) is chapter 635 of the original Naruto manga.


Arriving to where Tsunade and the other Kage were and upon seeing Katsuyu, a mischievous Suigetsu wonders how much salt it would take to kill it. This causes an argument to strike up between him and Karin who can not make up her mind whether or not she loved Sasuke despite trying to kill her previously. Using fear tactics, Orochimaru gets the two to comply, and the trio turn their attention to the Kage. A wary Katsuyu, however, prepares to attack them, but stood down after Orochimaru declared they were there to help as the healing process was going very slowly because of Tsunade's current state. With this, Suigetsu puts the two halves of Tsunade's body back together, Karin heals her which in turn allows Katsuyu to reconnect Tsunade's bisected halves. With Tsunade healed and able to stand, she questioned her fellow Sannin about his motives. Orochimaru claimed that he had changed from his previous views of wanting to move the world, and wanted to be around when a certain other person did — leading Tsunade to note that Jiraiya would have been alive if Orochimaru had made this discovery earlier. Turning their discussion to the war, Katsuyu interjects that it would brief them on what was happening, much to Tsunade's shock that the slug was also back on the battlefield. As Orochimaru and the others took their leave, back on the battlefield, Sai questions Sakura about her views on Sasuke's return, her answer to which leads Sai to believe that although the words were sincere, her smile was a fake. As the Ten-Tails burned, Naruto instructs Sasuke to put the flames out once the beast was weakened so that he and Kurama could extract the tailed beasts but Sasuke refuses, noting that he would burn them all down to create a new system. Not intending to go peacefully, however, the Ten-Tails removes the part of its body which was burning much to the Uchiha's shock. Briefed on the situation — the Kage now all healed — made preparations to head to the battlefield. Meanwhile, in Kamui's dimension, Kakashi and Obito battle wages on, with Kakashi piercing Obito with his Lightning Cutter and Obito stabbing Kakashi with a large shuriken.