"A Sense of Duty" (義理, Giri, Viz: Owed Debts) is chapter 32 of the Boruto manga.


Naruto and Delta trade blows. Delta uses her leg propulsion to gain height and her body modification to attack Naruto with enlarged legs. Naruto destroys her legs with a Lava Release Rasenshuriken, but she quickly regenerates them. Naruto notices it, and intends to land a blow on her torso, but is concerned with hitting her close to her face, which would allow her to absorb his jutsu. Boruto wonders if they should try getting her off-guard, but Kawaki points out that Naruto can't go all out if there's a chance they'll get caught in it. Boruto tries to argue, but Kawaki stresses that while in the defensive, Naruto is leading Delta's attacks away from them while trying to get an opening himself. Delta comments on Naruto's abilities and regeneration, but when he suggests her surrender, Delta unleashes powerful eye beams, which Naruto is able to avoid. Kawaki explains to Boruto that these beams were designed to be used against opponents with regeneration abilities, so even his highly modified body wouldn't be able to heal the damage. Naruto deduces such an attack is quite taxing on her, but Delta is unconcerned, saying she only has to land one attack. The two continue to trade blows in close quarters. When Naruto is on the ground and Delta prepares to unleash the beams again, Boruto activates his Kāma without Kawaki's assistance, and sends a Vanishing Rasengan at her, figuring she won't be able to absorb it if she can't see it. While Delta can't see it, she is able to detect its presence through her drone, which is still in the air, and absorbs it. She closes the distance between them, punching him aside, and thanking him for giving her an idea. She grabs Himawari, throws her up in the air, and sends eye beams at her, so they'll hit Naruto when he goes for her. When the smoke clears, Naruto has caught Himawari, and Kawaki blocked the beams with his transformed arm. Kawaki falls to the ground wounded and unable to heal, Naruto looks after him, and Delta is incredulous that Kawaki do that for them. Boruto blames himself for it, but Kawaki claims that if Naruto had been hit, it would be over for all of that, so it couldn't be helped, and adds that this should make them even about Himawari's broken flower vase. Boruto laughs at how Kawaki is thinking about something like that in their situation, and Delta is livid about how the battle is turning out.

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