This is the article on chapter 86 of the manga. For volume 10, head to A Splendid Ninja…!!.

"A Splendid Ninja…!!" (立派な忍者…!!, Rippana Ninja…!!) is chapter 86 of the original Naruto manga.


Lee attacks Gaara with his Reverse Lotus. Gaara turns the gourd on his back into sand at the last moment, acting as a shield that absorbs most of the impact. With Lee unable to move after the attack, Gaara, using his sand, methodically breaks Lee's limbs as punishment for thinking he could defeat him. Since Lee is unable to defend himself, Guy steps in. Confused that Guy would come to Lee's aid, Gaara relents and is declared the winner. However, although Lee has lost consciousness, he stands to continue the fight. Seeing Lee's continuing wish to prove his skills, Guy is moved to tears.

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