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A Splendid Ninja…!!
(立派な忍者…!!, Rippana Ninja…!!)
Volume Info
Previous Neji and Hinata
Volume 10
Next Desiring Apprenticeship?!
Pages 184
Release Date
Japanese December 4, 2001 (ISBN 4-08-873197-1)
English June 6, 2006 (ISBN 978-1-4215-0240-3)

A Splendid Ninja…!! (立派な忍者…!!, Rippana Ninja…!!) is volume 10 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 82

"Lee's Secret!!" (リーの秘密!!, Rī no Himitsu!!)

Lee attacks Gaara. By manipulating the sand he keeps stored in the gourd on his back, Gaara is able to block all of Lee's attacks. Seeing that Lee will not get anywhere as he currently is, Guy tells Lee to "take them off". Lee complies, removing his ankle weights. The observers doubt the likelihood that their removal will make much of a difference, but find that, when dropped, the weights create large craters in the ground. Lee's speed is greatly increased, allowing him to attack Gaara before his defences have a chance to respond.

Chapter 83

"The Absolute Defence: Crumbled?!" (絶対防御・崩壊!?, Zettai Bōgyo: Hōkai!?)

The Sunagakure representatives are shocked that Lee has managed to strike Gaara. After Lee lands some additional blows they begin to grow concerned, as Gaara is becoming increasingly more interested in the fight. Gaara reveals that his body is coated in a layer of sand which has absorbed the impact of Lee's attacks. Knowing that there is nothing he can do about this defence, Lee opts to attack in such a way that not even Gaara's armour can protect him. Lee uses Front Lotus on Gaara, but during a brief series of pain, gives Gaara the chance to escape his grasp.

Chapter 84

"The Genius of Hard Work…!!" (努力の天才…!!, Doryoku no Tensai…!!)

With Lee's movements being slowed after using the Front Lotus, Gaara attacks him. Watching Lee at Gaara's mercy, Guy thinks back on Lee's childhood and how, despite his horrid ninjutsu and genjutsu skills, Lee dreamed of being a splendid ninja. Guy encouraged him to put his determination to good use in mastering taijutsu. Having succeeded in this goal, Lee suddenly dodges Gaara's attacks.

Chapter 85

"Now, for Sure…!!" (今こそ…!!, Ima koso…!!)

Guy reveals that Lee is able to open the Eight Gates. Kakashi reprimands him, stating that to teach Lee such a dangerous technique is foolish. Lee opens the first five gates, removing several natural limits on the body that ordinarily keep the user from harming themselves. Lee's speed and strength are drastically increased, allowing him to use the Reverse Lotus. He assaults Gaara, whose sand defences are completely unable to react.

Chapter 86

"A Splendid Ninja…!!" (立派な忍者…!!, Rippana Ninja…!!)

Lee attacks Gaara with his Reverse Lotus. Gaara turns the gourd on his back into sand at the last moment, acting as a shield that absorbs most of the impact. With Lee unable to move after the attack, Gaara, using his sand, methodically breaks Lee's limbs as punishment for thinking he could defeat him. Since Lee is unable to defend himself, Guy steps in. Confused that Guy would come to Lee's aid, Gaara relents and is declared the winner. However, although Lee has lost consciousness, he stands to continue the fight. Seeing Lee's continuing wish to prove his skills, Guy is moved to tears.

Chapter 87

"The Preliminaries Completed…!!" (予選終了…!!, Yosen Shūryō…!!)

Medics take Lee away to tend to his injuries. After a brief examination, they inform Guy that the damage Lee sustained is too severe to be healed and that Lee will likely never again be able to operate as a ninja. Devastated that Lee's dreams have been shattered because of an attack he taught him, Guy is sad at Lee's injuries. He leaves the arena so that the final match between Dosu Kinuta and Chōji Akimichi can take place. As Dosu prepares to enter the arena, he thinks about how he finally figured out that Orochimaru's true goal was not to have Team Dosu kill Sasuke but to have them unknowingly test Sasuke's abilities which explains as to why Orochimaru went ahead and gave Sasuke a cursed seal instead of killing him with Dosu silently remarking that he will not fulfill Orochimaru's wish and that he will win this match to fight Sasuke. Having prior experience with Dosu's sound-based attack, Chōji tries to use his techniques to block out the sound's effect on his ears. This only provides Dosu with an amplified medium for his soundwaves, knocking Chōji out and winning him the match much to the dismay of Team Asuma. Dosu then silently vows that he will teach Orochimaru that he is no guinea pig. With the final match over, Hayate then announces that the trials for the Round 3 test have been completed.

Chapter 88

"Sasuke…?!" (サスケは…!?, Sasuke wa…!?)

With the preliminaries over, Kakashi leaves to check on Sasuke. The Third Hokage informs the finalists that they will compete in a month's time in a series of one-on-one matches. During this time they can recover from the past few days and prepare for their opponents, having had a chance to see everyone's abilities. Meanwhile, Orochimaru is concerned about Naruto's positive influence over Sasuke and as such the faster they tear both Naruto and Sasuke apart, the better with Orochimaru adding that he must dye Sasuke in his colors. He then instructs Kabuto to kidnap Sasuke for him, or kill Sasuke; whichever Kabuto prefers. Kabuto goes to Sasuke's hospital room and kills all of his Anbu bodyguards. As he holds a scalpel to Sasuke's neck, Kakashi appears and stops him.

Chapter 89

"Naruto's Wish…!!" (ナルトのお願い…!!, Naruto no Onegai…!!)

Kakashi tries to detain Kabuto to find out about his relationship with Orochimaru. After restraining Kabuto, one of the dead Anbu gets up and flees, but not before revealing himself as the real Kabuto, Kakashi having captured a reanimated corpse that only looks like Kabuto. Meanwhile, the first round matches of the Chūnin Exams finals are determined; Naruto will fight Neji, then Gaara versus Sasuke, then Shino against Kankurō. Shikamaru will fight Dosu, and the winner of that match will fight Temari. The Third Hokage assures them all that they do not need to win their matches to advance in rank, only that they prove themselves worthy of chūnin-ship. They disperse and Naruto, needing additional training if he is going to defeat Neji, seeks out Kakashi. Intending to train Sasuke, Kakashi offers Ebisu as an alternative.

Chapter 90

"Whaddabout My Training?!" (修業どーすんだ!?, Shūgyō Dō Sunda!?)

Believing Ebisu to be a pervert, Naruto tries to refuse his training. Not wanting to be embarrassed in front of Kakashi, Ebisu bribes Naruto to keep quiet. Kakashi explains that Naruto's weakest point are his basic ninja skills, which Ebisu can help with. Ebisu explains that Naruto wastes too much chakra when performing jutsu, tiring him out faster and leaving his jutsu less effective. It is only because he has so much chakra that this has never been a problem. They leave Kakashi to go train at the hot springs. After preventing Naruto from spying on the bathing women, Ebisu instructs Naruto in how to improve his chakra control by walking on water. While Naruto struggles to do this, Ebisu spots another man spying on the women. He tries to stop the man, but is knocked out by the man's toad.

Author's Note

The Naruto comics are already at volume 10! In the blink of an eye, we've reached double digits! Although I doubt that triple digits is a milestone we'll ever achieve, it would make me exceedingly happy if all of you would continue to read and enjoy Naruto, without ever getting bored, for the entire run of the series!

Masashi Kishimoto, 2001

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