"A Three-Way Deadlock of Offence and Defence!!" (三竦みの攻防!!, Sansukumi no Kōbō!!, Viz: Deadlock!!!) is chapter 170 of the original Naruto manga.


Orochimaru summons Manda, Tsunade summons Katsuyu, and Jiraiya summons Gamabunta. Gamakichi and Gamatatsu say hello to their father; Tsunade has Katsuyu take Naruto to Shizune; Manda threatens Orochimaru. Declaring this to be the last meeting of the Sannin, Jiraiya and Tsunade attack Orochimaru. Despite their efforts, Manda's speed allows Orochimaru to avoid their attacks. As Manda is about to bite Gamabunta, Tsunade appears and uses Gamabunta's giant sword to seal his mouth closed and pin him to the ground. Orochimaru wraps his tongue around her neck in an effort to strangle her, but Tsunade grabs the tongue to bring Orochimaru to her, punching him in the face.

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