"Absolutely" (絶対に, Zettai ni, Viz: No Matter What) is chapter 663 of the original Naruto manga.

This is the article on the chapter. For the ending theme, head to Absolutely.


As Naruto lies dying, Sakura continues to use medical ninjutsu on him to no effect. With Sasuke in no better a condition, an anguished Tobirama laments his inability to help the young Uchiha, fearing the worst when he could no longer sense Sasuke's chakra. Meanwhile, as the remainder of Kurama's chakra dissipates from around Sakura, she wonders why her techniques are ineffective until Gaara informs her that Kurama had been extracted from Naruto, and his only hope was to get to Minato and Yin-Kurama as Yang-Kurama had instructed. As Gaara anchors Sakura with his sand and begins moving faster, Sakura switches her tactics and after making an incision in Naruto's chest, begins to manually pump his heart, and performs CPR, adamant that Naruto is not going to die on her watch. Elsewhere a desperate Karin is able to manifest the Uzumaki chains and decimate parts of Tobi's statue. Despite being impaled by wooden stakes, Karin merely bites herself to recover from the injuries. Following up on the assault, Suigetsu launches his Water Gun Technique at the Zetsu clone's head revealing there is someone inside and giving Orochimaru enough time to place a cursed seal on the artificial clone, and Jūgo the chance to rescue Karin; who notes that while she was fine, she could no longer sense Sasuke's chakra as they rushed to his aid. All the while, Madara casually seals the Ten-Tails into himself and after assuming his jinchūriki form, departs to claim his left eye. With Sasuke's predicament looking grim, he is approached by an unknown barefooted individual.


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