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海鮮アガリ Kaisen Agari
Anime Naruto Episode #175
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Sex Gender Male.svg Male
  • Head of the Kedōin clan

Agari Kaisen (海鮮アガリ, Kaisen Agari) is the head of the Kedōin Clan and is an old friend of Tsunade.


Agari is a very joyous man as well as a great actor though according to Tsunade, he has flaws.


Agari has shoulder-length smooth black hair and almond-shaped grey-coloured eyes. He also has a very thin moustache.


Agari is able to use the Face Copying Technique which is an advanced version of the Transformation Technique.

Part I

Buried Gold Excavation Mission

Agari presents a plan to the genin.

Agari first appeared when Tsunade gave Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata Hyūga, and Naruto Uzumaki a mission to find a treasure chest for Agari in which if they fail, Tsunade will send them back to the Academy. He appeared when the trio was kidnapped by Agari's three clan members who had copied their appearance. Then Agari and his subordinates left the three and went to "crush Konohagakure". But after Agari and his clan members left, Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata managed to free themselves, caught up with Agari, and defeated him and his clan members. In the end, the mission was revealed to be a test for Naruto and the others as part of their last chance mission. Agari allows Tsunade to let them pass. He also left Tsunade a bill before leaving for his home.


  • "Kaisen" (海鮮) means "seafood" while "Agari" (上がり) has various meanings like "rise/increase", "income" or "end result".
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