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Agira Ryudoin
Ryūdōin Agira
Anime Naruto Episode #196
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased

Agira Ryūdōin (Ryūdōin Agira) was the father of Jakō, Rokkaku and Genshō.


Sometime in the past, he fought Might Guy and was defeated. After the fight against Guy, he was badly injured and died soon after. His sons tried to take revenge on Might Guy, but in the process, they realised that they misunderstood their father.


Agira was a large man, who were seen to wear a long coat and shirt, dark fingerless gloves which extended to his elbow, long pants and common shinobi sandals. He had white shoulder-length hair which parted around his face, not unlike his eldest son, although Agira's fringes were shorter. His face was slightly wrinkled and his forehead was adorned with a tattoo-like arrangement of three tomoe, somewhat resembling the Cursed Seal of Heaven.


As noted by Guy, Agira was a fine honourable man, evident as he had chosen to fight Guy using his taijutsu instead of his Wooden Puppets and after their battle, when he asked for another try with a satisfied smile. Though Agira himself did not survive to do so, he wished to have a rematch until his death. Guy himself had a great fondness for Agira, noting his respectful ways and even calling him Agira-chan.


Agira was proficient in the Wooden Puppet Manipulation Technique, being able to control and summon a large number of them. His taijutsu prowess was equally impressive, forcing Guy to open at least three of the Eight Gates in order to gain victory. The particular style he used was allegedly kenpō, a Japanese martial art where fist strikes, pressure points and joint-locks are primarily used for self-defence.

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