The user punches the opponent twice with their fist, then palms them upward to launch them high into the air. The user then jumps above them and punches them back down. Then, the user binds the opponent with large shuriken from above, then lands several powerful blows while spinning like a drill, drilling the opponent into the ground. Upon the user hopping off of their target, the victim even ends up spinning along the ground afterwards due to the momentum of the prior spin.


  • In the Naruto: Clash of Ninja series, Kakashi can perform this technique by copying it with his Sharingan.
    • However, this only applies to the first two games; in Gekitō Ninja Taisen 3 and 4 Kakashi can only copy the Air Lightning Bullet instead due to Air Lightning Strike's re-allocated command.
  • The term "raigeki" is a term for either a lightning strike or a torpaedo attack.
  • While Mizuki's version functions the same way, it instead has the name Kūsengeki (空旋撃, lit. Air Whirling Strike) instead.
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