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龍代アカリ Tatsushiro Akari
Game Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles
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Sex Gender Female Female
  • Part II: 16

Akari Tatsushiro (龍代アカリ, Tatsushiro Akari) is a young girl that appears in the Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles.


Akari is a young girl with bright, red hair and a light pink cloth covering two small horns on her head. Her eyes are amber. The light green medallion she wears around her neck matches the one that Kuroma wears on his belt. She wears dark red knee length boots that show her toes, a light lavender top with a salmon sleeveless top over it and a dark red skirt. She also wears a thick purple sash with lavender zigzags.

Plot Overview

She is the younger sister of Kuroma. The two, as members of the Ryū clan, are both connected to the five Genryū, whose power Kuroma seeks to take so that he can become a dragon of light and destroy all life. She is the one who gives Naruto the Dragon Blade near the beginning of the game to fight the Earth Genryū in Konohagakure, and teams up with Team Kakashi for the rest of the game as a guide through Mount Koryū. She continued to supply information to the team as they made their way through the mountain.

Near the end of the game, when Naruto Uzumaki was fighting Kuroma, he went into his three-tailed form after seeing his friends get hurt. Akari pleaded with Naruto not to kill Kuroma, but Naruto, influenced by the Nine-Tails, simply charged at her instead. Just before he got to her, though, Sakura Haruno shouted his name, bringing him back to his senses after an inner battle with the fox. This, however, gave Kuroma enough time to initiate the ritual to absorb the power of the Genryū. However, before he could actually take their power, Akari pushed him out of the way, taking the power for herself so that she wouldn't lose Kuroma. As Kuroma began to mourn the loss of Akari, she turned into a Light Genryū. Akari then became the final boss of the game. She had six forms matching up to the elements of the previous five dragons, as well as a final light-based form, and Naruto had to eliminate each one before he could deal the finishing blow. Once defeated, Akari returned to normal, with the Genryū gone, and she and Kuroma soon discovered that their horns, as well as Kuroma's facial markings, had disappeared, freeing them from their burden as Dragon Guardians. The two departed together to lead new lives, no longer having to protect the Dragon Blade, and no longer being persecuted because of their appearances.


  • '"Akari" (アカリ) means "light" or "bright". This is in contrast to Kuroma's name, which means "pure black", and also foreshadows her eventual transformation into the Light Genryū.
  • In the English version, Akari is voiced by Eden Riegel, the real life younger sister of Sam Riegel, who voiced as Kuroma.
  • Kuroma and Akari can be spotted in Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special in the background of the Village Entrance map.
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