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アキオ Akio
Anime Naruto Episode #209
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Akio (アキオ, Akio) is the younger brother of Todoroki.


Akio has short brown hair and black-coloured eyes. Part of his bangs hang over a red-coloured thick headband that he wears around his head.


Akio could handle a spear in battle and has also a great sense of orientation, able to find his way through the Forest of Bewilderment easily. He also has skill in kenjutsu, being able to cleanly slice a large tree branch in two with little effort.

Part I

Gantetsu Escort Mission

Todoroki believed him to have died, but he is actually alive, and was the leader of a group of orphans in the Land of Forests. He was kidnapped by the Shinobazu, but was saved from their hideout by Naruto, Todoroki, and Gantetsu. Instead of returning with his brother, he chooses to follow Gantetsu to help him protect the orphans. Todoroki gives him his best wishes, and gives him the gift he was supposed to give him when they were younger.

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