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犬塚アキタ Inuzuka Akita
Manga Boruto Chapter #18
Anime Boruto Episode #183
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aries April 20
Sex Gender Female Female
  • Scientist
  • Katasuke Tōno's Assistant


Akita Inuzuka (犬塚アキタ, Inuzuka Akita) is a member of Konohagakure's Inuzuka clan and a lead scientist for the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team.


Akita was originally a field ninja with Chamaru as her partner/pet. She is also an old acquaintance of the Seventh Hokage's family. During a mission, Chamaru lost its right hind leg. While Akita was happy to know her companion was still alive and relatively well, she knew that Chamaru was sad of his condition. However, when Katasuke Tōno learned of Chamaru's condition, he got in contact with Akita and made a prosthetic limb for the ninken. So grateful and amazed at his work, she decided to become his assistant.


Akita is a passionate woman to anything close to her. While originally a field ninja, her greatest concern more than completing the mission was the wellbeing of her dog Chamaru. Once joining Katasuke Tōno, her eccentric nature showed equal passion for her work in developing new technologies. She is also shown to have great admiration for, if not an attraction to, Katasuke.


Akita is a young woman of average height and slender built with long dark-coloured hair and eyes framed by glasses. She wears a black dress with a white lab coat over it and a choker around her neck. Her canine teeth appear to be elongated and she wears fang-shaped earrings.


As an Inuzuka, Akita has a keen sense of smell, being able to identify the arrival of Team Konohamaru through scent alone. As a lead scientist, she is proven to be very intelligent, having made great insights to the development of new technology. She is also well-versed in her clan's techniques, being able to use Fang Passing Fang, Fang Roar (牙咆哮, Gahōkō) and Fang Passing Whirlwind (牙通旋風, Gatsūsenpū).[1]

New Era[]

Ao Arc[]

Main article: Ao Arc When Katasuke and Team Konohamaru arrive at the Advanced Technology Research Institute, Akita enthusiastically greeted Katasuke before having a brief conversation with him about the new prosthetics and the progress of their experiment. She would later guide Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki through demonstrations of some of the advanced shinobi tools that they were developing and would later explain how Katasuke had inspired her to become a scientist after improving her ninken Chamaru’s quality of life with a prosthetic limb.

Kawaki Arc[]

Main article: Kawaki Arc In the anime, Akita goes through the research made on the condition Kawaki's body with Katasuke, Team 7 and Sumire. Later, Sarada warns the lab of Kawaki's escape and his acquistion of the Scientific Ninja Tools to which Akita wonders how Kawaki came to know about them.


  • "Akita-inu" (秋田犬) is a type of dog breed.
  • Akita is the only known member of the Inuzuka clan who is neither named for a body part nor possesses the clan’s customary fang markings on her cheeks.
  • According to character trivia from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:
    • Akita's hobbies include trying various types of junk food.
    • Her favourite food is cup ramen and tentama soba. Her least favourite food is cup yakisoba.
    • Her attributes are: 80 in strength, 130 in intelligence, 144 in perception, 95 in dexterity, 90 in chakra and 80 in negotiation.
    • She was also given a skill rating in these particular areas:
      • Ninken-handling: ★★★★☆
      • Science: ★★★☆☆
      • Biology: ★★★☆☆


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