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アックン Akkun
Anime Boruto Episode #81
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Species Akuta
Status Deceased

Akkun (アックン, Akkun) was an Akuta.


Akkun was unique among the Akuta. It has very little aggressive tendencies. More akin to a child, it was shown to be playful and curious at the world around it. It had also shown a strong attachment to Inojin Yamanaka, possibly imprinting on him as a surrogate parent, as it liked to remain around Inojin as much as possible. It however was nervous at meeting other beings and was prone to lash out. Akkun was shown to have a measure of sentient intelligence, as it was very particular on how it was referred to and was capable of talking and learning names, provided they aren't too difficult. Its childishness aside, Akkun was very brave and loyal, as its first instinct was to protect Inojin even against much stronger foes.


Akkun was an imperfect Akuta. Unlike the other Akuta which very large in stature, Akkun was very small, roughly the size of a house pet. Its body was comprised of clay with no features beyond a round body with simply arms and legs, the left arm of which is noticeably longer. Its face was a white owl-like mask with a cracked left eye-hole and big red eye in the other hole.

New Era

Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc

After some of the Akuta were destroyed, one of them imperfectly reformed. Soon afterwards, it was found by Inojin, who it immediately came to like and persistently followed around. Inojin's friends felt that should bring it along as proof to Konohagakure of their discovery of a conspiracy in Iwagakure. After it was decided to go get help from the Ōnoki, Inojin was chosen to stay back with the Akuta as it would draw too much attention. During which, Inojin began warming up to the odd creature. Soon realising that it hated being called simply an "Akuta", Inojin came up with a variety of names to see which one it would like, ultimately choosing "Akkun", much to its joy. Inojin began attempting to teach it his friends' names, but only could refer to them in silly nicknames.

Later, the hideout was found by Kirara, who was disgusted at the sight of the imperfect Akuta and kicked it. Inojin came to protect his new friend, but was quickly subdued by the foe's genjutsu. Akkun regained consciousness and upon finding out that the enemy had taken Inojin, it began searching for him until it arrived in Iwa. Akkun came to Inojin's aid and wrapped Kokuyō's eyes while giving Chōchō another chance to finish the latter off, but he shattered Akkun's mask as a result. After defeating Kokuyō, Inojin held Akkun in his arms and chastised the small Akuta for getting itself hurt. Akkun said Inojin's name as its last words right before its mask shattered and body dispersed completely. Following the Fabrications' defeat, a mourning Inojin made a grave for his fallen friend, placing the Akuta's remaining mask piece and a drawing of it on top.