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The Allied Shinobi Forces Technique is a combination of many techniques devised by Shikaku Nara, using the unique abilities of the Allied Shinobi Forces to combat the Ten-Tails.


The Allied Shinobi Forces Technique is focused on three primary goals; disrupt the opponents sensory abilities, restrain the Ten-Tails, and combat and remove Madara and Obito Uchiha from play. Using Inoichi's telepathic abilities, Shikaku was able to relay the formation to every member of the alliance at once.

The first step would executed by the Kumo-nin, who would use Lightning Release: Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar to temporarily blind the opponents and Storm Release: Laser Circus to create a cloud of dust. Next, Suna-nin would use their Wind Release: Air Current Wild Dance to manipulate the dust to further obscure the Uchiha's vision, while Aburame clan members and Kiri-nin would use their Insect Jamming Technique and Hiding in Mist Technique to impair their sensory skills.

The second step, to restrain the Ten-Tails, would see the Iwa-nin create a large sink hole with their Earth Release: Great Moving Earth Core, with their lava users covering the beast with quicklime, mixing it with the Kiri-nin's water. Konoha's Sarutobi clan would then heat this mixture into concrete, trapping the Ten-Tails.

With the Ten-Tails restrained, the rest of the alliance would rush Madara and Obito using taijutsu, having coordinated with Naruto to exploit their weaknesses.


  • Despite the name, the Allied Shinobi Forces Technique is not a specific technique used by the army, but rather a collaboration of different techniques being used to achieve a single goal.
  • Despite successfully restraining the Ten-Tails momentarily, the beast's further evolution allowed it to overpower its restraints before the Alliance had a chance to combat Madara and Obito directly.
  • In Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, a shortened version of the formation is used instead, consisting only of the lowering of the Ten-Tails into the ground, and the concrete used to immobilise it.
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