The Ama no Hoko (天の矛, literally meaning: Spear of Heaven) is a massive tower-like structure concealed beneath The Hole.


A massive, three-segmented, black tower, the Ama no Hoko can collapse onto itself to be concealed beneath the ground. When active, channels across its surface glow bright red with its energy. Panels of its middle section move out on beams, revealing a solid red core, and a shaft of red light is emitted from its top. It is controlled by sound patterns produced by the Saezuri.


Hidden for many years beneath Tonika Village, the village's militia was tasked with protecting its activation device. While the village's leader was seemingly the only one aware of the full details of his village's "treasure", when attacked, he dispersed the metal bars which produced the notes for controlling the Ama no Hoko amongst the rest of the militia, ordering them to be disposed of. This clearly displays that he, at least, was aware of the danger posed by the weapon.


An ancient super weapon of some kind, the tower's purpose is unknown. From what was shown, it could release massive amounts of energy that caused adverse weather effects. When empowered by this energy, the Nine-Tailed Naruto Clone was warped and transformed into a massive Kurama and Orochi-like hybrid creature with immense powers. The tower's energy output could be controlled by the sound patterns produced by the Saezuri.


  • The name Ama no Hoko is most likely a reference to the Amenonuhoko (天沼矛, 天之瓊矛, 天瓊戈, literally meaning: Heavenly Jewelled Spear), a naginata wielded by the god Izanagi which he used to churn the seas and raise a large amount of earth that formed the very first island that would later become his and his wife's home.
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