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アマド Amado
Manga Volume #7, Boruto Chapter #26
Appears in Manga
Sex Gender Male Male
  • Inner

Amado (アマド, Amado) is an "Inner" from the organisation Kara.


Amado would assist Jigen on transferring a Kāma into various children as their vessel. As the project continued to show no progress as one child after another died, Amado suggested they change methods for their goal, Jigen reminded him that they have neither the time nor a viable alternative. After they lost fourteen more children, Kawaki was the only survivor and became their vessel. At some point in time, an important vessel was placed in Amado's charge; however, he lost it. Shortly afterwards, he was reassigned to another mission by Jigen, the details of which he refused to disclose to the other Inners of Kara.


Amado is a very stoic and detached individual. Like Jigen, he cares little for the lives of others in pursuit of their goals. At the same time, he is more realistic, as when a project shows no improvement after a certain period of time, he believes that it should be abandoned for an alternative one.


Amado has light coloured hair as well as a moustache and beard and thick glasses. He also is seen smoking. He wears a dark coloured collared shirt and matching pants.