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アマド Amado
Manga Volume #7, Boruto Chapter #26
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Amado (アマド, Amado) is an Inner from the organisation Kara.


Amado would assist Jigen on transferring a Kāma into various children as their vessel. As the project continued to show no progress as one child after another died, Amado suggested they change methods for their goal, Jigen reminded him that they have neither the time nor a viable alternative. After they lost fourteen more children, Kawaki was the only survivor and became their vessel. At some point in time, Kawaki was placed in Amado's charge; however, he failed to prevent Kawaki from escaping. Shortly afterwards, he was reassigned to another mission by Jigen, the details of which he refused to disclose to the other Inners of Kara.

At some point, Amado was given the research on Katasuke Tōno's Scientific Ninja Tools by Koji Kashin. Upon which, Amado began refining and expanding on the technology, incorporating it into the various Inners of Kara.


Amado is a very stoic and detached individual. While speaking very respectfully, like Jigen, he appears to care little for the lives of others in pursuit of their goals. At the same time, he apparently prefers to not to sacrifice lives unnecessarily and is more realistic, as when a project shows no improvement after a certain period of time, he believes that it should be abandoned for an alternative one. Even while he apologised it, he held Shikadai hostage and threatened him with an explosive collar, unwilling to waste time in negotiating his defection. Apparently, like other members of Kara, Amado's loyalty to the organisation is due purely to self-interest, expecting to be granted something important for his services. However, he seems to share some motives with Koji since he informed the latter about Jigen being weakened and alone, fully aware that Koji intended to assassinate the leader and was even willing to work with him. He also risked his life to defect to Konoha and even offered all of his intel on Kara, Jigen, the Ōtsutsuki, and their Ten-Tails.

He sees Delta's violent and destructive tendencies as annoying, berating her for needlessly kicking open the lid of her spare body's containment unit.


Amado has light coloured hair as well as a moustache and beard and thick glasses. He also is seen smoking. He wears a dark coloured collared shirt and matching pants. Later, when travelling to Konoha, he would dress in a light coloured jacket and pants and dark sandals.


As an Inner of Kara, Amado is described as having completely monstrous abilities.[1] Amado is fast enough to easily close the distance between him and Shikadai Nara in an instant and bind him upon being freed from his paralysis.


Amado is an exceptionally intelligent man with exceedingly advanced abilities in science and technology, with Kawaki describing him as a technological genius. He provided Jigen with the means to transfer his Kāma to others through his scientific expertise, although it had a low level of success that killed many people until Kawaki successfully survived and received it.[2] He also would extensively modify Kawaki down to the level of his circulatory and nervous systems, implanting inside him an extremely high level of Shinobi-Ware in the form of microscopic scientific ninja tools implanted throughout his entire body, with even the genius engineer Katasuke Tōno expressing awe at the level with which Amado had turned Kawaki into a living Scientific Ninja Tool and later noting that it was above his own level of expertise. Delta also stated that Amado would be capable of restoring the arm he lost to her Destruction Beam. He also modified all members of Kara with fearsome Shinobi-Ware.[3] Such modifications afforded him the opportunity to include shutdown commands into their shinobi-ware.

While his true abilities remain unknown, in battle, Amado is shown to be a very methodical and knowledgeable man. Well-prepared, he skilfully uses a variety of technology to prevail, having devices such as a Scientific Ninja Tool able to emit powerful sonic waves that could repel and reverse the Shadow Imitation Technique, explosive collars that can be programmed or detonated with a command, and a drug capable of knocking people out that he administers through needles from his gloves, both of which he could seamlessly summon apparently from his hands even when immobilised, and he is also shown to be a proficient tactician, planning several steps ahead, planting an explosive collar device on Shikadai to use him as a leverage against his father to get Konoha to listen to him.

New Era

Kawaki Arc

Main article: Kawaki Arc Amado checked on data from his desktop and noticed Delta's still intact drone's arrival at the Kara base. Once it connected to one of Delta body's terminals, he entered a few commands and watched her kicking open her containment in anger after she had awakened. Amado complained of Delta breaking the lid of the containment all the time, but he was told off by her that if he has time to complain, he should do his job. After Delta left, he commented on her mouth. Amado was later attending the meeting with the other Inners and he was informed that Boruto Uzumaki had his own genuine Kāma.

Later, after Jigen defeated Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha in battle, sealing the former away, he returned to Kara's headquarters with his body breaking down. Jigen was hooked up by Amado to treat his body. The man voiced his disapproval of Jigen being so reckless with his body, noting that it would take at least two days to fully recover. Jigen voiced that he couldn't help but get excited after seeing how far and quickly Kawaki's Kāma was evolving and him synchronising with it. He theorised that it was because of his exposure to Boruto's own Kāma, also believing that Boruto was going through similar development. From this, Jigen strongly believed the two of them would become "perfect Ōtsutsuki" and form a God Tree to consume the planet. He also assured Amado that everyone would get what was promised, which left the bespectacled man looking away solemnly.

Amado In Konoha

Amado arrives in Konoha.

Later, as Jigen had only returned to 10% power, Koji returned. Knowing that Boro was safeguarding the sealed Hokage and Code was watching over the Ten-Tails, Amado realised that Koji would use this opportunity to kill Jigen. Deciding to make their move, Amado gathered the essential tools to continue his work. They were then approached by Delta, who realised their intention to kill Jigen. Before she could act, Amado activated a command to shut her down. Koji summoned a toad to transport Amado, and reverse summoned it to the outskirts of Konohagakure. He came across Team 10, who tried to apprehend him, but Amado made use of his tech to incapacitate them. He took Shikadai hostage, placing an explosive collar on him for leverage against the reinforcements sent by Ino, who Inojin managed to contact. He managed to get in contact with Shikamaru, and was pleased to know Naruto had been rescued, which he felt made his attempt to defect to Konoha more worthwhile. In exchange, he was willing to share his intel on Kara, Jigen, their Ten-Tails, and the Ōtsutsuki.


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