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"Amado" (アマド, Amado) is chapter 44 of the Boruto manga.


Naruto wakes up in the hospital, surrounded by his family. Boruto leaves to go tell Kawaki. Katasuke explains to Kawaki that his discomfort is possibly due to his modified body rejecting a the chakra-incompatible prosthetic. Kawaki rejects Sumire's offer to administer painkillers. Katasuke regrets not knowing enough about Kawaki's physiology to properly treat him. Boruto arrives and tells Kawaki that Naruto is awake. Shikamaru updates Naruto on what he has missed, and that despite his successful rescue, they can't condone the genin's rashness. He stresses they're still under threat, as Jigen can use Kawaki's Kāma to infiltrate them again. Koji and Amado prepare to leave. Amado assures Koji his light packing is enough. Koji summons his toad. Delta arrives, asking where they're going without Jigen's leave. Koji offers to deal with Delta, but Amado merely issues a shutdown command, causing Delta to fall unconscious. Koji wonders if he's been similarly programmed. Amado boards Koji's toad, Koji gives him directions for his destination, and reverse summons his toad. Amado arrives at the outskirts of Konohagakure while Koji heads forward in Kara's headquarters. Sarada tells her parents how the battle transpired, and how Boruto changed during it. Sarada is concerned about Boruto, but Sakura and Sasuke urge her to recover now so she can help him later. Mitsuki asks to have a word with Sasuke, and tells him of Boro's description of Boruto as Momoshiki's vessel. They conjecture on Momoshiki's motive for giving Boruto the Kāma, and how that applies to Kawaki, though Sasuke is confused by his impression that Jigen, who granted Kawaki his Kāma, is a vessel for another Ōtsutsuki. Team 10 spar against one another. Amado praises them, and requests an audience with Shikamaru. Shikadai attempts to paralyse him, but Amado employs a tuning fork-like tool that allows him to hijack his jutsu. He drugs Shikadai and straps a collar to his neck. Inojin contacts his mother, asking to contact Shikamaru immediately. Naruto and Shikamaru visit Kawaki. Shikamaru wants even tighter security on Kawaki, who concedes. Ino contacts Shikamaru, and explains someone claiming to be from Kara has strapped a bomb to Shikadai. Other shinobi, among them Sai and Moegi were dispatched and are at their location. Moegi separates Amado from Shikadai and restrains him with Earth Release. Amado demonstrates what the bomb collar is capable of on a tree, and reveals Shikadai's is programmed to detonate in forty-eight hours unless he disarms it. Sai orders her to release Amado, which she does. Amado apologises for his drastic measures, but assures them time is critical. Ino connects Shikamaru to Amado, who explains he's coming for him, since decision making authority rests on him with the Hokage being unavailable. Shikamaru takes this as proof of Amado's Kara membership. Shikamaru reveals to Amado that they've actually recovered Naruto already, surprising him. Kawaki confirms Amado's voice. Naruto joins the conversation, and Amado is glad for it, as his risking his life is made more worth it. Amado expresses his wish to defect to Konohagakure, in return for intel on Kara, Jigen, his Ten-Tails, and the Ōtsutsuki.


  • When Moegi restrains Amado, Shikadai is mistakenly drawn without the bomb collar on his neck.
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