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三途アマド Sanzu Amado
Manga Boruto Chapter #26
Anime Boruto Episode #179
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Amado Sanzu (三途アマド, Sanzu Amado) is a former Inner from the organisation Kara and was the head of its research and development division. He has since defected to Konohagakure, where he used a mix of bluffs and gifts to gain official citizenship for the Seventh Hokage's protection.


Delta's Creation

Amado overseeing Delta's creation.

Amado's daughter Akebi died of an unknown disease twelve years prior to Isshiki Ōtsutsuki's assault on Konoha. Despite this, Amado wasn't discouraged, believing he could resurrect Akebi by cloning her and transferring her memories into her into a new body by preserving her brain, rather than try to develop a cure for her disease. However, Amado's hopes were crushed as her daughter's clones, later named Delta, despite having the same appearance and memories as Akebi, were completely different individuals. Amado tried to recreate Akebi's personality multiple times, but failed to do so and finally broke down, realising his daughter was gone for good. It was then when Jigen approached Amado, promising to bring his daughter back to life if Amado aided him with his plans, Amado accepting it immediately.

During his time in Kara, he became an Inner and served as the head of its research and development division, used Scientific Ninja Tools to augment the various members. He also analysed the remains of Shibai Ōtsutsuki, transplanting his DNA to imprint his abilities onto other Kara members. Eventually, he learned a lot about the Ōtsutsuki clan, discovering Isshiki's true motive which would destroy all life on the planet, making Akebi's resurrection moot. He switched his focus to destroying Isshiki, but didn't give up on resurrecting Akebi, having realised that Kāma resurrection was able to accomplish the restoration of personality he failed at. He even created cyborgs that exceeded Jigen's power, Ada and Daemon, but the latter quickly ordered them to be eliminated. Amado imbued Ada with the Senrigan and made her become irresistibly attractive to anyone who saw her except blood relatives or the Ōtsutsuki Clan. He also imbued Daemon with the ability to instantly turn an opponent's attack against him. Ada's entrancing ability prevented Boro from getting rid of her and her brother as ordered, and Ada came to hate Amado for taking the ability to be genuinely loved from her. At some point after this, Amado came up with an alternate scheme against Isshiki when he acquired genetic information of Jiraiya, and used it to create a clone, Koji Kashin, who became his secret ally in their goal of killing Isshiki through his vessel Jigen. During his time within the organisation, Amado has gained complete knowledge of Kara and the Ōtsutsuki clan. Because of this, Jigen had forbidden him to ever leave headquarters; to do so would amount to treason that could well result in Amado's execution.[1]

Amado would assist Jigen on transferring a Kāma into various children as their vessel. As the project continued to show no progress as one child after another died, Amado suggested they change methods for their goal, Jigen reminded him that they have neither the time nor a viable alternative. After they lost thirteen more children, Kawaki and Code were the only survivors, and though Code failed to become a vessel and instead attained the White Kāma, while Kawaki successfully became a proper vessel. Amado modified Kawaki extensively with Shinobi-Ware, but did not put in an emergency shutdown command, as Jigen forbade the latter on his precious vessel. In the anime, Amado began secretly microdosing Kawaki with a drug he developed to weaken the Byakugan, which resulted in his Kāma development being slowed down.[2]

Despite the latter child's failure, Code's White Kāma granted him might well-beyond that of Jigen. While normally Amado would be required to destroy Code, his unique unwavering and fanatical devotion to Isshiki spared him from demise, instead having Amado place various limiters on Code.

In the anime, Amado witnessed Kawaki being confronted by Garō, where Kawaki unconsciously activated his Kāma and blasted Garō.[3] When his research on the human heart hit a dead end, he augmented Ōga's brain so she could aid him, but her attempt to study Jigen's heart was considered treason, and she fled after Jigen gave her brain damage.[4]


Amado is a very stoic and detached individual. He is very blunt with his views, willing to speak his mind despite what others think of him. He is a regular smoker (in the anime, he is seen enjoying a regular coffee). While speaking very respectfully, like Jigen, he appears to care little for the lives of others in pursuit of their goals. At the same time, he apparently prefers to not to sacrifice lives unnecessarily and is more realistic, as when a project shows no improvement after a certain period of time, he believes that it should be abandoned for an alternative one. Much of this stems from a broken heart at losing his daughter and failing to help her. With his failed attempt to recreate his daughter Akebi in Delta, he sees her violent and destructive tendencies as annoying, berating her for needlessly kicking open the lid of her spare body's containment unit. He did, however, look at her solemnly and longingly when Jigen mentioned that every member of Kara's wish would be granted, apparently still seeing Delta as his daughter in some level.

Very composed by nature, he almost never loses his calm. Even when technically taken prisoner by Konohagakure, Amado remained undeterred, having established a variety of factors to maintain leverage in succeeding in his goals, showing a very methodical and intuitive nature. He is also very business-minded, as even while he apologised for his actions, holding Shikadai hostage with an explosive collar, unwilling to waste time or remove the collar before completing negotiations. He is shown to be very manipulative, able to use simple baiting and mind games to accomplish his goals. In order to secure his position, Amado will create problems to which only he can offer a solution. He views himself as one who plays the odds, taking advantage of the situation to the best of his ability. He openly admits he is not a man of indomitable will, unable to endure torture well, and is capable of showing fear despite his otherwise calm demeanour. When placed at Code's mercy, he quickly begged for his life, stating he sees no value in pride when dealing with survival. Likewise, Amado believes in hard facts. Even with altered personal memories, he can appreciate how a situation is not as it appears based on the physical evidence that counters what he already knows.

Originally, like other members of Kara, Amado's loyalty to the organisation was purely due to self-interest, expecting Isshiki to revive his daughter Akebi as part of their deal. However, upon realising that Isshiki's plan would result in the destruction of the entire planet, and having possible doubts that he would even keep his promise, Amado reneged on his part, and conspired with Koji, intending to eliminate Jigen. Seeing no reason to have his daughter back if there is no planet to live on, Amado became determined to do away with the entire Ōtsutsuki clan. Viewing their actions throughout history as vile and parasitic, he even risked his life to defect to Konoha and offered all of his intel on Kara, Jigen, the Ōtsutsuki, and their Ten-Tails.

Even after allying, Amado remained a schemer, reapplying a Kāma to Kawaki without anyone's knowledge or approval, as well as an emergency shutdown command. Due to his goal in getting his daughter back, he intends to have Kawaki apply a Kāma with Akebi's data in hopes of finally bring her back, and considers it a personal matter, willing do anything to get his daughter back. He took advantage of Kawaki's desire for power to manipulate him into wanting a Kāma back, playing on his desire to protect Naruto, having already secretly reapplied it so Kawaki's desire could reactivate it.

According to Isshiki, Amado looked up to Jiraiya as a man who bore mighty fate, and his desire to cling onto that fate was the reason he cloned the late Sannin to create Koji . Per Isshiki's declaration that all beings have their fates determined by their genes, Amado may also share this belief, hence his choice to create another Jiraiya.

Amado is also known to have a twisted sense of humour. One instance was when he joked about how killing Kawaki was one option to prevent Isshiki from reviving, even though he already made sure that would not be necessary. He also smirked when Shikamaru demanded the bomb around Shikadai's neck be disarmed before revealing that it was a fake. In the anime, despite his dubious methods of joining Konoha, he openly feels indebted to the village for taking him in, quickly rejecting a lucrative bribe to defect to another village. He also acknowledges Konoha as it views science as a tool to promote growth, not a source of power.[5]


Amado has white hair as well as his beard, a trimmed moustache, and thick glasses with orange lenses, and light green eyes. He wears a black collared shirt and matching pants. Later, when travelling to Konoha, he would dress in a beige jacket with a green collar and pants and green sandals and gloves. Beneath his travel attire, Amado wears a green-coloured open collar shirt (black in the anime) and white pants. He also has a golden chain necklace around his neck.


While a former Inner of Kara, unlike the other members, Amado has no real aptitude for combat, nor is he a ninja.[6] Instead, Amado is an exceptionally intelligent man with exceedingly advanced knowledge in science and technology, his talents being a large source of power for Kara. He does however have some skill in Yin Release, able to project an image of himself to talk with people from vast distances — even across dimensional planes.[7]


Kawaki described him as a technological genius. His brilliance was even recognised by Isshiki, who sought him out for help in his plans. Even Katasuke Tōno, Konoha's lead scientist and a recognised genius himself, openly acknowledged Amado's talents as well beyond his own. While his true capabilities remain unknown, Amado is shown to be a very methodical and knowledgeable man. Well-prepared, he skilfully uses a variety of technology to prevail. He is also shown to be a proficient tactician and deceiver, planning several steps ahead, such as pretending to plant an explosive collar device on Shikadai to use him as a leverage to fool Shikamaru and Konoha. He also came up with a successful plan to force Isshiki Ōtsutsuki to reincarnate in Jigen's body and simultaneously remove Kawaki's Kāma, which even earned him Isshiki's praise. Likewise, Amado is adapt in seeing through deceptions, able to notice details that are out of place in a situation and determine the truth.

He single-handedly greatly augmented the various abilities of the Inners and likewise created cyborgs whose power exceeded Jigen, prompting him to order their immediate disposal.[8] Amado managed to transplant Shibai's DNA to graft his shinjutsu onto others.[9][10][11] With these capabilities, he also provided Jigen with the means to improve the chances of candidates being compatible with Kāma.[12] His understanding of the Kāma even allowed him to recreate Isshiki's Kāma to implant on Kawaki after the extinguishing of Isshiki's soul. He could also clone humans. Using Jiraiya's DNA, he created a perfect clone the legendary Sannin in his prime in Koji Kashin. He also created a drug that weakens the Byakugan in the hopes of defeating Isshiki, and was useful in stopping Momoshiki from reincarnating in Boruto's body. In the anime, his technological prowess was such that he could even revive the recently deceased.[13]

Scientific Ninja Tools[]

As head of Kara's research and development division, Amado has been credited with the development of all of its fearsome Shinobi-ware and cyborgs.[14] His technological genius directly resulted in the proliferation and advancement of scientific ninja tools far beyond the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team's combined capabilities, having been able to invent a number of uniquely powerful devices or expand upon those already distributed. He has also designed the organisation's autonomous puppets, used for fighting or otherwise simple tasks.

Amado SNT

Amado modifying Kawaki into a cyborg.

Each member of Kara was granted monstrous capabilities while outfitted with his technological advancements. Among them were cyborgs that held many unique abilities. Amado's grafts to Ada granted her Omnipotence, though as she was only able to use it subconsciously to manifest her desires, Amado wrongly concluded entrancing others was the limit of her ability.[15] He also devised the other powerful devices that were implemented into Kara's cyborgs, including those that could heal virtually any injury, weapons that could counter an individual's regenerative abilities, and devices that could absorb, store, and release absorbed ninjutsu. He also developed a powerful virus capable of incapacitating those who are exposed to it. He was even able to modify Kawaki, Delta, and Code down to the circulatory and nervous systems, implanting an extremely high level of Shinobi-Ware in the form of microscopic scientific ninja tools throughout their entire bodies. Similarly, Amado was able to extensively augument Ao with Shinobi-ware, effectively rehabilitating him enough to engage in intense combat. Even the genius engineer, Katasuke Tōno, expressed awe at the level with which Amado had turned Kawaki into a living Scientific Ninja Tool and later noting that it was above his own level of expertise. Amado is also capable of restoring the arm Kawaki lost to Delta's Destruction Beam. Such modifications afforded him the opportunity to include power-limitters and shutdown commands into their shinobi-ware. Amado makes regular use of computers and tablets, using them to store the organisation's most vital information, monitor his teammates when operating on them, or check the status of his other scientific ninja tools.

Amado has revealed a number of tools that he can summon into his possession. Even when immobilised, he can programme them to activate with slight gestures. He makes use of devices such as explosive collars and a drug capable of instantly knocking people out that he administers through needles from his gloves. Against Shikadai, he used a tool shaped like a tuning fork to repel and nullify techniques that require concentration, such as the former's Shadow Imitation Technique. For espionage, he's developed tools that can be used to gather information, such as Delta's drone that can sense chakra, track invisible targets, and store information whilst being hidden from sensors. He can also modify and make use of animals. With similar modifications, he has been able to share their vision or project what they see, using his glasses.[16] He also performed modifications on himself.

New Era[]

Ao Arc[]

Main article: Ao Arc

Amado and Delta talking

Amado listens to Delta's complaints about her body modifications.

In the anime, as Victor's body continued to deteriorate, he came to Amado for help. Despite Amado noting that his body would fail soon and could give him new body parts to extend his time, Victor bluntly refused being a lab rat again for Amado. Suddenly, Victor collapsed from a seizure. After Amado stabilised Victor, he was called for assistance by Delta, who voiced her annoyance that his work on her body didn't meet her standards. He was then contacted by Jigen, who wanted to discuss moving ahead with Phase 3 for the "Vessel" through a field test. While Amado was hesitant to agree, Victor appeared, offering to one of his new stealth blimps to help move the Vessel. Amado was wary, finding Victor's new cooperation very suspicious. As Victor said he was running out of time and needed the plan to be completed soon, Amado conceded to Victor's offer, on the grounds that he would have no direct part in the transportation. As apart of his plot to betray Isshiki, Amado had Koji shoot down the blimp, causing it to crash and allow Kawaki to escape, whilst also placing coordinates on the blimp to allow Konoha to discover Isshiki's Ten-Tails.

Later, with Jigen having doubts about Victor's claims that Deepa betrayed Kara by stealing its resources for his own agenda, Deepa's corpse was recovered and his brain was restored by Amado to get the truth, learning that it was Victor who betrayed the organisation. While performing a physical checkup on Jigen, the leader voiced his suspicions that a third party took advantage of Victor's betrayal to mask their own actions of causing the blimp to crash. Amado said he would investigate it. Later, Amado called all the other Inners to have their bodies checked to detect anything suspicious regarding the traitor under the pretense of just being a maintenance.

Kara Discussion

Amado during a discussion about the traitor with Delta and Code.

Later, as Delta prepared to test the maintenance work on her body, she was attacked by Code. He had decided to uncover the traitor himself, starting his interrogation with Delta since her number was "I". As he accused her, Delta countered that Code seemed the most pleased at the vessel's disappearance. Code was furious and primed to attack, only for Amado to arrive to calm things down. He revealed that the system check on everyone revealed no signs of treachery. Delta however pointed out that Amado could have been using the situation to hide his own treachery. While Amado insisted he had nothing to gain from clearing the innocence of others if he really is the traitor, Delta remained wary of him.

Kawaki Arc[]

Main article: Kawaki Arc In the anime, after Jigen gave Delta permission, Amado questioned Jigen about letting Delta go check on the mission's progress herself only for the latter to respond that it didn't matter. Amado stated it could make it difficult if people were moving freely and had plans he needed to attend to. However, Jigen reminded Amado that it didn't matter and told him not to let anyone near him for a while which Amado complied and watched Jigen leave. Later, Amado asked Code to get Boro to come in for his maintenance check. While Code stubbornly said he wasn't allowed to leave the base without Jigen's permission, Amado assured him he would vouch for Code's actions, insisting that it would be of good aid to Jigen.

Discussing Boruto's Kāma

Amado learns of Boruto's Kāma.

Amado checked on data from his desktop and noticed Delta's still intact drone's arrival at the Kara base. Once it connected to one of Delta body's terminals, he entered a few commands and watched her kicking open her containment in anger after she had awakened. Amado complained of Delta breaking the lid of the containment all the time, but he was told off by her that if he has time to complain, he should do his job. After Delta left, he commented on her mouth. Amado was later attending the meeting with the other Inners and he was informed that Boruto Uzumaki had his own genuine Kāma. In the anime, Amado informed Code about the scanning of Boro that he was also not the traitor.

Later, after Jigen defeated Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha in battle, sealing the former away, he returned to Kara's headquarters with his body breaking down. Jigen was hooked up by Amado to treat his body. The man voiced his disapproval of Jigen being so reckless with his body, noting that it would take at least two days to fully recover. Jigen voiced that he couldn't help but get excited after seeing how far and quickly Kawaki's Kāma was evolving and him synchronising with it. He theorised that it was because of his exposure to Boruto's own Kāma, also believing that Boruto was going through similar development. From this, Jigen strongly believed the two of them would become "perfect Ōtsutsuki" and form a God Tree to consume the planet. He also assured Amado that everyone would get what was promised, which left the bespectacled man looking away solemnly.

Amado Defects to Konoha

Amado arrives in Konoha.

Later, when Jigen had not even regained 10% of his power yet, Koji returned. Knowing that Boro was safeguarding the sealed Hokage and Code was watching over the Ten-Tails, Amado realised that Koji would use this opportunity to kill Jigen. Deciding to make their move, Amado gathered the essential tools to continue his work, believing that he could complete the rest of his research with the scientific equipment that Konoha had in disposal. They were then approached by Delta, who realised their intention to kill Jigen. Before she could act, Amado activated a command to shut her down. Koji summoned a toad to transport Amado, and reverse summoned it to the outskirts of Konohagakure. He came across Team 10, who tried to apprehend him, but Amado made use of his tech to incapacitate them. He took Shikadai hostage, placing an explosive collar on him for leverage against the reinforcements sent by Ino, who Inojin managed to contact. He managed to get in contact with Shikamaru, and was pleased to know Naruto had been rescued, which he felt made his attempt to defect to Konoha more worthwhile. In exchange, he was willing to share his intel on Kara, Jigen, their Ten-Tails, and the Ōtsutsuki.

Amado's Interrogation

Amado is interrogated.

Amado was detained, where despite his claims of seeking asylum, was very bold while being interrogated. After Naruto gave his word as Hokage he would not go back on his deal, Amado began explaining all he knew. He revealed that how the Ōtsutsuki have since before recorded history been travelling from planet to planet, harvesting its chakra for the sake of evolving themselves while destroying the planet in the process, using the Ten-Tails for the process. He also revealed that Jigen himself was turned into an Ōtsutsuki from being branded by his Kāma of Isshiki. Amado also revealed to have sabotaged the blimp to free Kawaki and likewise ensure that Sasuke would get the intel of Isshiki. Amado's glasses then began beeping. His glasses were taken off, revealing a holographic projection of Jigen talking with Kashin. They learned that Kashin and Amado were working together so that Koji could kill Jigen.

As they watched Koji continue to reveal his true nature and intentions against Jigen, Amado continued revealing his secrets, on the grounds that Naruto formally accepted Amado's request to officially join Konohagakure with full amnesty and protection. He explained that Jigen was but an empty shell of his form self, fully controlled by Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. He revealed that Isshiki was once partners with Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, but there was a falling-out which left Isshiki mortally wounded. He found Jigen and made him his vessel. It was also revealed that the Kāma is a condensed recreation of an Ōtsutsuki, designed to help them cheat death by using the mark to resurrect themselves with the branded target becoming the new body. Insisting that neither Isshiki nor Momoshiki can be allowed to return to this world, he said he knew how to properly kill an Ōtsutsuki and would show them.

As the battle began tilting to Jigen's death, Sasuke wondered if Kawaki would be taken over, as Isshiki's remaining vessel. Kawaki rushed into the room and attacked Amado, but was blocked by Sasuke. Amado explained that upon death, those branded by Kāma are instantly turned into Ōtsutsuki, something even the Ōtsutsuki themselves have no control over. However, as Kawaki's Kāma hasn't finished extracting Isshiki's data, Isshiki can't resurrect through his body yet. When Koji killed Jigen, it forced Isshiki's resurrection on the imperfect vessel, which caused Kawaki's Kāma to disappear. Amado theorised this is a security feature of Kāma to avoid the creation of duplicates. This led everyone to realise that Isshiki has no Kāma left, and thus vulnerable to a permanent death. Soon after, the paperwork was completed. Amado was officially recognised as a citizen of Konohagakure and even allowed to work with the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team. However, he was not permitted to leave the village without two escorts of at least Shikamaru's ranking and all his available research would be available to Katasuke at any given time.

Amado Granted Asylum

Amado receiving asylum.

Upon accepting these terms, Amado revealed that the bomb around Shikadai was a fake. He also noted that now that Isshiki has resurrected in his imperfect state and would die within days, he would be more adamant than ever to ensure a proper vessel be made for him. This meant he would inevitably come seeking Kawaki. He urged the officials to evacuate the village before Isshiki arrived and to keep Kawaki near both Naruto and Sasuke at all times, making sure that Isshiki fails to rebrand Kawaki. Soon after, Isshiki indeed arrived in the village. Sai and Shikamaru were tasked with taking Kawaki away while Naruto and Sasuke faced Isshiki. Amado was told to join them in an underground facility. While hesitant due to Isshiki's Byakugan, he was assured that special preparations were made against the Byakugan. Later in the facility, Kawaki awoke, and had the situation explained to him by Amado. He also attempted to assuage Kawaki, explaining they didn't have to defeat Isshiki, only keep him from branding him until Jigen's body gave out. Kawaki was concerned for Boruto's safety when he learned he had also gone to fight Isshiki, but Amado again speculated that Boruto had his own key value in the fight.

Amado explained that Boruto, as a wielder of a Kāma, was invaluable to Isshiki. As the God Tree could only reach full maturity by sacrificing an Ōtsutsuki, once Boruto was fully transformed by his mark, Isshiki can sacrifice the genin instead of himself. Kawaki was furious at Amado's calm demeanour, demanding to know how much of this he planned for. Amado insisted that he only made the best choices available to him. As the Konoha-nin managed to calm Kawaki down, Amado offhandedly asked Kawaki if he is more furious at his powerlessness, or no longer having a purpose without his Kāma. Kawaki remained silent. As Amado was intrigued by Kawaki's prosthetic arm, he was impressed to learn that it ran on Naruto's chakra. As Amado noted he could easily restore Kawaki's arm, Kawaki noted through the prosthetic that Naruto's chakra was getting weaker. Amado was surprised when a rift took Kawaki away.

Later, while Amado was lost in thought on how to act next, word was received that Naruto and the others had returned safely and managed to defeat Isshiki. Amado responded flatly to it.

Chūnin Re-Examination Arc[]

Main article: Chūnin Re-Examination Arc

Boruto and Mituski spy on Amado

Mitsuki and Boruto spying on Amado.

In the anime, on the day of the Chūnin Exams finals, Amado was approached by a group of men at a train station. They quickly shoved Amado into a train car before it departed. In a warehouse, his abductors were revealed to be from the Land of Rivers that wanted to recruit Amado. They offered a very enticing deal, including lots of money. Amado however firmly rejected the offer, refusing to ally himself with people who only wanted his science for power. The men decided to take Amado by force. As Amado was about to make his move with his concealed tool, Boruto and Mitsuki arrived to save him, escaping the warehouse as it exploded in the fight. Amado indifferently thanked them, before reminding them that they had the finals to get to, to which they swiftly left.

Code's Assault Arc[]

Main article: Code's Assault Arc Later, Amado was able to restore Kawaki's proper arm by cultivating it from Kawaki's cell samples. He considered asking Kawaki something but chose not to. Afterwards, he spoke with Naruto and Shikamaru about the remaining threats on Earth of the missing Ten-Tails seed and the last Inner, Code. He assured them there are other means for Space-Time travelling besides ninjutsu to find the seed and that the defeat of the last active Inner will cause all Outers to cease functioning. He also warned them of Code's tremendous might and limiters implanted on him, along with Code's fanatical devotion to Isshiki would make him seek out and kill all who were responsible for the Kara founder's demise. He flatly noted that if captured and tortured, Amado would not be able to resist removing the limiters. Taking to heart on Amado's warnings, Naruto requested Shikamaru to set up a Kage Summit.

Amado gives Naruto the medicine

Amado gives Naruto medicine for Boruto.

After the meeting, Naruto approached Amado on how to handle Boruto's Kāma. Amado sympathised with the Hokage, having been a father himself years ago. He could tell that Naruto had yet to give up hope on saving his son. Amado gave Naruto a supply of pills that were designed to weaken the visual might of Byakugan users. He theorised that as the Hyūga had heritage from the Ōtsutsuki, it should help slow down or even suppress fully the advancement of the Kāma, but noted that it is still only a temporary solution. He also warned of potential side-effects from overusing these pills on Boruto. In the anime, proper dosage halted his Kāma progression, an in return Naruto allowed Amado to advise the entire Scientific Ninja Weapons Team. When Code's Claw Marks appeared near Konoha, Shikamaru assigned a guard to keep an eye on Amado, since Amado was the only one capable of removing Code's limiters. Amado himself admitted that if Code captured him, he would easily break into undoing his limiters, claiming he wasn't a shinobi who could endure torture, and urged Shikamaru to protect him at all costs.

Kawaki threatens Amado

Amado threatened by Kawaki for suggesting rebranding him with Kāma.

Later, as Kawaki awoke following another checkup, having a nightmare about Code, proudly saying he was no longer a Vessel, Amado corrected him. He reminded Kawaki that even with the Kāma gone, his body remained partially modified into Isshiki's being. While Kawaki was angry at the statement, Amado revealed he already knew about Kawaki's idea of branding Code with a new Kāma based on Boruto to save Boruto's life. However, he reminded Kawaki that Code already had a different Kāma, so it might not work. At the same time, he noted that that with Kawaki's body already essentially housing Isshiki's body and Isshiki's spirit truly gone, Kawaki would have access to Isshiki's power without fear of being possessed by the man if Amado rebranded him. While Amado pointed out that Kawaki desired power to protect the Hokage and that Naruto, now void of Kurama's power, would probably lose against Code even with his limiters, Kawaki refused and stormed off. Afterwards, Sumire spoke up, asking why Amado was so insistent on rebranding Kawaki. As Amado noted that Sumire should have kept quiet if her goal was to spy on him, Sumire still asked what Amado's true goals were. Amado assured her that her fears were baseless and he truly intended to help the village. He also revealed that his newest project, a container near him, housed a powerful new ally for the village that he was working on with Katasuke.

Amado and Shikamaru

Amado and Shikamaru discuss Kawaki and Code.

Later, Amado reported to Shikamaru, who still voiced his lack of trust towards him. He assured Shikamaru that his manipulations never accounted for the most recent of events, openly surprised to see how close and loyal Kawaki has become to Naruto. When Shikamaru was notified that Kawaki had evaded surveillance to leave the village, he and Shikamaru wondered how and why Kawaki did it. Sai reported that Kawaki was most likely fighting Code. Amado found it strange that Code found him so fast, knowing he had no sensory abilities. He considered Sumire's suggestion that he might have employed an Outer, but found it unlikely, not knowing any that skilled. He became lost in thought, ignoring Sai, and praying to himself for Kawaki not to ruin everything they managed to achieve so far, especially after he secretly reapplied a Kāma to Kawaki.

Omnipotence Arc[]

Main article: Omnipotence Arc

Ada Enters Konoha

Amado shocked to see Ada.

After everyone returned to Konoha, Amado listened to Boruto's explanation about his resurrection through Momoshiki's Kāma. Despite Momoshiki no longer being able to resurrect, he remained concerned with his consciousness taking over Boruto again, though Boruto felt different, claiming he was better able to channel Momoshiki's power now. He ran tests, and confirmed Boruto's situation to Shikamaru, who became rough as he questioned Amado. He claimed that he didn't get Kawaki's consent to restore the Kāma because Kawaki would never give it due to his loathe of it, but he nonetheless craved the power to protect Naruto, and since his intent was ultimately required to manifest it, this was something Kawaki wanted himself. He pointed out Shikamaru was alive because of it, but Shikamaru remained focused on why Amado was so fixated on Kawaki's Kāma. Code emerged from a Claw Mark he had placed on Shikamaru, knocking him aside. He seized Amado, who informed him his intrusion would be detected, and was surprised by Code's knowledge on how the lifting of his power limiters worked. Shikamaru revealed he went to see Amado alone as a bait to Code, Amado looking over the cyborg case, realising his intent. Shikamaru commanded it awake, a reprogrammed Delta, who pinned Code down. Amado was shocked when Code brought Ada forth through a Claw Mark.

Amado was terrified by Ada's presence, which Shikamaru noticed. Having realised something was amiss with Ada's presence, Shikamaru asked Ino to link him up with Amado, and asked about her abilities. Amado explained how her allure worked, and counselled him against resisting her, warning it might damage his mind. After Shikamaru broke released his Shadow Imitation Technique, Code began torturing Amado for his compliance. He was surprised to learn Ada liked Kawaki, and by Shikamaru's offer for her to join Konoha to tell him how she felt.

As Ada considered the offer, and voiced knowledge of the measures taken against her ability, Amado informed Shikamaru of her Senrigan through Ino's jutsu. Code continued to torture him, but when Ada revealed Kawaki was approaching, he revealed that Ōtsutsuki aren't affected by her allure. Amado and Shikamaru kept arguing until Code sent Amado back to their base through a Claw Mark. There, Amado begged to be spared, and removed Code's power limiters. Despite Amado's compliance, Code still chose to kill him. However, Amado appealed to Ada's interest in Kawaki. He reasoned that her best chance of developing a relationship with Kawaki was to accept Shikamaru's offer to join Konoha. Her consideration of it led to a dissolution of her alliance with Code, as she had Daemon stop Code from killing Amado. After he retreated, he explained that Kawaki was his ace in Konoha, as no one was strong enough to stop him, while Amado applied a secret shutdown command, forcing them to rely on him to keep Kawaki in check. Daemon pointed out he could deal with Kawaki, and while Amado considered it, his goal was different, and required Kawaki's Kāma. Explaining it would take a long time, and he suggested they go to Konoha, as he'd have to explain it to them as well, assuring the siblings he'd mediate their alliance as well. He called Shikamaru on the phone and updated him on what happened with Code, explaining the removal of the power limiters, and the dissolution of the alliance with Ada over her acceptance of his offer. He warned Shikamaru not to make Ada and Daemon into enemies. After the call, Ada was displeased with referring to them as game pieces, and warned him to keep his word on helping her with Kawaki, otherwise Daemon would kill him. On the train to Konoha, he noticed her spying on something, getting progressively more flustered and finding Shikamaru's ideas interesting.

Upon arriving in Konoha, Ada quickly flew off with Daemon, surprising Shikamaru. Amado told him to expect Boruto and Kawaki to display the ability soon. Later, having contacted everyone at the house, Naruto joined Shikamaru as he intended to question Amado about everything he was still keeping from them. Amado detailed Ada's and Daemon's abilities, including their origins as transplanted shinjutsu from the remains of Shibai Ōtsutsuki. When Shikamaru asked how such an alleged god could have died when he had access to Kāma, Amado confessed he didn't know, and theorised that Shibai achieved a higher form of being that didn't require a physical body, choosing to discard it. He explained that his main motivation all along was the resurrection of his daughter, and revealed that he added her data to Kawaki's Kāma, so all he had to do was apply a Kāma to a cloned body he would provide. Amado was offended when Shikamaru consulted Katasuke on the plausibility of his technological claims, and asked Ada to verify the story about Akebi. Shikamaru confirmed Akebi's personality with Ada, and found Amado's goal anti-climactic, but understood his motive as a parent. When Kawaki asked if the process would turn Akebi into an Ōtsutsuki, he admitted he didn't know, as there was no precedent for it, being his last resort.

When Kawaki was responsible for Naruto's and Hinata's disappearance, Sai updated Amado on the events as he learned about it, concerning Amado when Kawaki's noncooperation was brought up as a reason to use extreme measures. Amado tried to assuage the reactions against Kawaki by revealing to Shikamaru his installation of a shutdown command on Kawaki. Angry that Amado was still keeping secrets, he refused, stressing that Kawaki had done too much, and would be considered an enemy of Konoha if he didn't surrender. Ultimately, most of the world's memories of Boruto and Kawaki were swapped by Ada through Omnipotence, forcing Boruto to flee the village.

New Era: Part II[]

Over time, Amado came to notice discrepancies between reality and his memories. Despite remembering Boruto as the wielder of his daughter's Kāma, he recognised it in Kawaki's palm, along with his own scientific ninja tool work, deducing that someone had altered his memories and that Kawaki was the one whom he needed.

Boruto's Return Arc[]

Main article: Boruto's Return Arc After Boruto's brief return to the village to protect it from Code's assault, Sumire asked why Amado wasn't more concerned about Boruto's well-being as he needed him to revive his daughter. Amado explained his theory about how his memories were altered. Sai, who had been ordered to monitor Amado, reported this to the Eighth Hokage.

Later, when Jūra and Hidari attacked the village and Kawaki was swiftly defeated, Amado was monitoring the events.


  • "Amado" (雨戸) means "shutters", and might reference to Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., which is commonly abbreviated as AMD, the first three letters of his name.
  • The surname "Sanzu" is based on the Sanzu River (三途の川, Sanzu no Kawa, literally meaning: River of Three Crossings), a mythological river in Japanese Buddhist tradition similar to Styx.
  • Amado is the only Inner to not have a Roman numeral tattooed onto his face.


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