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アマヨ Amayo
Movie Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
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Amayo (アマヨ, Amayo) is the ex-wife of Michiru Tsuki and the mother of Hikaru Tsuki.


Three years before Kakeru Tsuki's death, Amayo had a son with Michiru and married him. The marriage would end in divorce, however, due to Michiru's personality and she couldn't keep her son with her because of the wedding contract she had signed.


Amayo loves her son Hikaru very much and wants him safe. She hates people that think money can buy happiness to where she would slap Michiru over it. Kakeru Tsuki described Amayo as being a sensible individual.


Amayo has long, black hair and bangs falling over her forehead. She has brown eyes, wears a white bead necklace, pink-coloured earring in each ear and a sleeveless, light green dress.

Plot Overview

She greets Hikaru after his world trip, but has difficulty recognising her fattened ex-husband. She breaks into an argument with him telling him that there is something more important than money, something that only made her angrier at him when he tried to offer her materialistic goods as a way to make up. As Ishidate is defeated, Michiru realises that she was telling him the most important thing is protecting his loved ones.

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