Ame hideout

The Ame Orphans' hideout.

The Ame Orphans' hideout is a small building in a wide open area in the same country as Amegakure. Jiraiya lived here with the Ame Orphans while training them and they maintained it as their base of operations for several years after he left.

Inside — the hideout was divided in two by a curtain with sinks up the left hand side. In the upper area was a small shelf to the right side with three plaques with pictures of frogs on them and one on the opposite side.

When Konan died, one of her sheets of paper stained with her blood floated to the hideout, fulfilling the orphans' promise of one day returning together. For unknown reasons, Jiraiya's hop-in card was flipped to the red side, even though he left them years before it was abandoned. This would also play a key role in their promise as they promised to invite Jiraiya to their old hideout to celebrate a job well-done.[1]


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