With her third eye, Kaguya changes the world around herself and everyone around her within a certain range into one of her dimensions. As it occurs instantly, enemies can be caught completely off guard; some have found themselves plunging into a river of lava,[2] and encased within a block of ice.[3] Once a person is sent to another dimension, their chakra cannot be sensed from the normal world through traditional means.[4]

Kakashi stated that Kaguya can instantly rewrite all aspects of the dimension, a phenomenon he compared to the creation of genjutsu.[5] The dimensions are very far from each other, and thus, a tremendous amount of chakra is required to open a portal connecting them. Even with her immense chakra reserves, multiple uses of this technique took a toll on Kaguya, as noted by Black Zetsu.[6]


  • This technique's name comes from Amenominakanushi (天之御中主神, Heavenly Ancestral God of the Originating Heart of the Universe), a Japanese deity who is said to be the absolute centre of the universe, as well as the first Hitorigami that came in to existence, and one of the five Kotoamatsukami.


  • Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 gives each dimensional teleportation a unique name; Amenominaka: "Lava" (, , Literally meaning: Corrosion), "Ice" (, Hyō), "Sand" (, Masago), as well as one for returning from her dimensions, "Return" (, Modoshi).

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