Amenotejikara is a space–time ninjutsu used by Sasuke Uchiha through the power of his Rinnegan, which was entrusted to him by the Sage of Six Paths.[1]


Using his left eye, Sasuke can instantly shift himself between spaces, causing anything currently occupying the space he targets to swap places with him.[2] By shifting spaces during combat, Sasuke can avoid his opponent's techniques in an instant,[3] and by swapping places with a weapon, such as his sword, he can leave behind an attack for an approaching enemy.[4] Despite this technique stemming from his Rinnegan, Sasuke does not actually need to be looking at an object in order to shift spaces with it.[5]

Sasuke can also target a person other than himself with this technique, allowing him to transport them to his location.[6] By launching an attack and then bringing the opponent to him at the last possible moment, Sasuke can ensure that his techniques hit their mark.[7] However, the opponent must be within a certain range of him for this technique to take effect, and with sufficient speed, it is possible to escape this technique's range before it can be activated.[8] While storing the chakra of the nine tailed beasts within his Susanoo, Sasuke demonstrated the ability to shift both himself and his Susanoo behind Naruto Uzumaki, who was a considerable distance away.[9]

Upon first obtaining his Rinnegan, Sasuke had to wait for his eye to recharge after using this technique several times in quick succession,[10] and further overuse would cause his eye to bleed.[11] Sasuke is able to use this technique even while his Rinnegan's ocular power is diminished due to using its other abilities.[12][13]


This technique's name comes from Ame-no-tajikarao, the Japanese deity who used his brute strength to pull Amaterasu out of the cave where she was hiding from her brother, thus returning sunlight to the world. The technique's workings may be derived from the Iwato dance of the Sada Shrine; after Ame-no-tajikarao opens the cave and Amaterasu emerges, he takes her place inside the cave.


  • According to Sasuke, this technique is a result of being blessed with the Sage of Six Paths' power.[14]

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