The Amenotejikara is a space-time ninjutsu used by Sasuke Uchiha after obtaining his Rinnegan.


With his left eye, Sasuke instantly shifts the location of himself, others, objects, and ninjutsu within a certain range. This range can be increased if he swaps himself with an object, as seen when he switched places with Sakura Haruno's discarded flak jacket.[2] Using the chakra of the nine tailed beasts allowed Sasuke to extend the range of this technique even further, as seen when he shifted him and his Susanoo behind Naruto Uzumaki, who was a considerable distance away.[3]

Due to its speed, this technique has proven to be especially useful for launching surprise attacks against enemies. In addition, it has the psychological effect of throwing opponents off guard by confusing them when the user runs their technique into an empty space or two shinobi launch their attacks toward each other, leaving the opponent confused until this technique transport them to the user just in time to get hit by the attacks. At certain times after first obtaining his Rinnegan, Sasuke had to recharge his Rinnegan or this technique cannot be used.[4][5] By adulthood, Sasuke became able to use Amenotejikara even when his Rinnegan is overused.[6]

This technique not only switches the position, but the momentum and direction of the switched targets as well.[7]


The technique's name comes from Ame-no-tajikarao, a Japanese deity who pulled Amaterasu out of the cave she was hiding in to return sunlight to the world.


  • According to Sasuke, this technique is a blessing of the Sage of Six Paths' power.[8]
  • Sasuke has been shown using this technique three times in a row before having to close his eye.

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