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アナト Anato
Anime Boruto Episode #158
Appears in Anime
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Sex Gender Male Male
  • Researcher

Anato (アナト, Anato) is a citizen of the Land of Valleys and a researcher of Victor's medical care manufacturing company.


Being a scientific researcher, Anato was likely a very intelligent man. After being infected by the First Hokage's cells, Anato became very powerful, able to fend off five ninja at the same time and even effortlessly break free from a Multiple String Light Formation. He could also stretch his arms to attack from afar.

New Era

Kara Actuation Arc

Upon being infected by the cells of Hashirama Senju, Anato's body was altered and rendered him a feral beast, killing his team. He was later tracked down by Team 7 of Konohagakure, at the request of Anato's wife, Mia. While the Konoha-nin failed to restrain Anato, he was soon after struck down by Victor's team. Upon being brought back to medical center, his body was analysed thoroughly. When it was determined that his mutation was was of no use to Victor's goals, he ordered to have Anato to be killed.

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