"And That's Why You're Disqualified!!" (だから不合格だってんだ!!, Dakara Fugōkaku Dattenda!!, Viz: You Failed!) is chapter 8 of the original Naruto manga.


Kakashi points out that Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have all failed to capture a bell because they were working by themselves. Had they worked together, they might have succeeded. Teamwork has been the point of the exercise, the prospective ninja meant to set aside the fact that one of them would be returning to the Academy in order to complete the mission. Seeing how they completely missed this point, it leaves Kakashi with little to no hope, but he agrees to give them another chance after lunch so long as Sasuke and Sakura do not give any food to Naruto. When Kakashi leaves, Sasuke and Sakura defy his orders by giving Naruto some of their food, needing him to be at his best if they are to work together. Kakashi suddenly appears and informs them that all three of them have passed, ensuring that the team's cohesion is of more importance than following orders.

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