Ankorodō (あんころ堂, Literally meaning: Sweet Bean Jam Temple) is a restaurant in Konohagakure, mentioned in Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day. True to its name, the shop is famous for its sweet bean jam. Temari and Ino Yamanaka so enjoy Ankorodō's food that, when Konoha's annual eating contest offers unlimited free dumplings to the winner, both force their husband and son (Shikamaru and Shikadai, and Sai and Inojin, respectively) to participate. When Shikamaru fails to win the contest, Temari afterwards nearly kills him in a rage.

Ankorodō is run by an old woman who was once a kunoichi. During a previous eating contest, Ankorodō also offered unlimited free sweet sake to the winner, a prize won by Chōji Akimichi. Ankorodō nearly went bankrupt providing free sake to Chōji, making Ankorodō's owner determined to never again risk her restaurant's welfare with an "unlimited" offer. When her fellow restaurateurs pressure her to offer unlimited free dumplings for another eating contest, she attempts to sabotage the contest using her old Earth Release skills. Chōji thwarts her efforts and ultimately wins again. Rather than jail her for her actions, Ankorodō's owner is forced to honour the unlimited free dumpling offer for Chōji and his family; Sai deems this a punishment worse than jail.

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