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アラシ Arashi
Anime Naruto Episode #137
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Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased

Arashi (アラシ, Arashi) was the hope of the Fūma clan's shinobi who tried to rebuild their clan and Sasame's cousin.


After the Fūma clan finished a war with a neighbouring country, they wandered into the Land of Rice Fields hoping to settle down. But, near the end of their journey, they met Orochimaru, who offered them a chance to return to their former glory by following him. Arashi, seen as the hope of the Fūma clan, along with Jigumo, Kamikiri, Kotohime, and Kagerō, accept the offer to restore the Fūma clan.


Arashi had long, smooth, chin-length purple hair and grey-coloured eyes. His bangs hung just over his eyebrows. He wore a green short sleeve shirt, but the collar and sleeves were white. He also wore two black arm sleeves on his lower arms and long grey pants.


Arashi was one of the most talented members of the Fūma clan. He could perform his clan's most secret technique that creates a pyramid shaped barrier that constricts and potentially crushes the opponent. After absorbing the bodies of two other Fūma clan members, he became a large malleable mass able to unleash the signature techniques of his absorbed kin.

Part I

Land of Rice Fields Investigation Mission

Posing as Orochimaru before being found by Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasame, Arashi killed his kinsmen Jigumo and Kamikiri and used Casualty Puppet on them to increase his powers to use the Curse Mandala at the cost of his sanity. In the fight that followed, Naruto ripped the corpse puppets off of Arashi's back while snapping him back to his senses. However, the fight caused the lair to collapse as Arashi, with his puppets holding him in place, remains behind as he reveals that he has no intention of leaving as it meant his death either way.


  • When written as 嵐, "Arashi" means "storm".
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