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舟戸アラウミ Funato Araumi
Anime Boruto Episode #233
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Sex Gender Male.svg Male
  • Head of the Funato Clan
  • Pirate
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Araumi Funato (舟戸アラウミ, Funato Araumi) is a pirate, as well as the former head of the Funato Clan.


During his time leading the Funato clan, Araumi was known for his dangerous power over water. His efforts eventually took control of all other pirate groups, regularly attacking various islands and trade routes as well as performing abductions around the Land of Water. Eventually, he married Minamo with whom he had three children, who he would put through their rite of passage ceremony to determine their inherited Funato power. During a battle against Kirigakure, Minamo was struck by an enemy attack, being frozen to death. Her final wish was that he raised their youngest child, Ikada, well, believing him to be the future of the clan. Araumi would visit her frozen body throughout the years, leaving her a pearl each time.

During one of his raids on an island, he met a young boy named Tenma who admired Araumi's power and wanted to join. Impressed by the boy's attitude, he decided to adopt him as his son, training him regularly. However, Araumi ultimately focused more on his biological children's development, making Tenma jealous.

Araumi captured.

When his youngest child, Ikada, came of age, his test was especially difficult as it took place during a raging storm. Araumi hurled Ikada into the ocean, where his Funato abilities manifested, causing a massive wave that saved him from drowning, leaving Araumi proud. Eventually, he passed on his Marlin Harpoon to Isari.

In recent years, an operation spearheaded by the Sixth Mizukage to apprehend Araumi was successful. He would spend the next five years in prison, far from the open sea and isolated from any source of water.


Araumi is a ruthless man, pillaging the seas of the Land of Water for years and just as indifferently killing people. He has a very confident and go-with-the-flow nature, not letting small setbacks affect him. However, he did not tolerate failure in battle, furious should his men be driven back. He openly believes that a direct assault is the best method in battle, scoffing at ambush and deception tactics. He was also very charismatic, as his capture led to his clan falling apart, and his return led to many people rushing to join them.

While harsh and warmongering, Araumi is still not without sentimentality, never having gotten over the loss of his wife and wanting to see his children rise to greatness. Despite never openly showing affection and praise towards him, Araumi did love his adopted son Tenma and was outraged upon hearing about his death. In his own way, he is a man of principles and loyal to his clan, keeping to ancient traditions of his clan and willing to risk his children's lives to succeed. He was also furious to learn that his follower, Funamushi, died, and grew angry at Ikada for not showing enough desire for revenge. Living up to his late wife's last wish, he placed great faith in their youngest son, Ikada, and became increasingly proud and joyful at the young man's newfound charisma and ruthlessness. His greatest desire was to cement the Funato's dominance of the seas.

Araumi's actions originally stemmed from his pride as a man of the sea, despising Land of Waters pursuit of quelling the open seas, seeing the Land of Water, and by extension Kirigakure, as the aggressors. However, his goals were all ultimately self-entitled. As noted by Chōjūrō, Araumi is delusional in his goals, claiming to care about his clan's well-being when he in fact started a war that cost him allies and blaming his enemies for defending themselves against those allies. So all-consuming in his desires, he would ignore the desires of his people to end the war and was even willing to kill his own children if they defied his warmongering methods. Isari believed Araumi's old age was a contributing factor to him being so consumed with hatred to the point of being unreasonable.


Araumi was a tall, tanned-skinned man of massive, muscular build. His facial features were pronounced with high cheekbones, a broad chin, and tear-troughs. He has a scar running down his right eye and an x-shaped scar across his abdomen. He had icy blue eyes and straight, shoulder-length, strawberry blond hair with a full beard and broad moustache. During his long incarceration, void of proper water, he appeared withered and emaciated.

He wore a long red vest with a white shirt, grey pants, and studded wristbands. He styled his hair in a high ponytail and wore a grey bandanna.


Araumi has vast Water Release capabilities, with Kagura Karatachi stating he could not be allowed any access to water. He is able to absorb all the blood from a person's body, reducing them to a withered husk and revitalising himself in the process. He was also a capable teacher as he taught this skill to Funamushi. He once wielded the Marlin Harpoon and mastered it to the point that even if wielded by another, it would always obey him first. He is a powerful swimmer, able to dive deep underwater unhindered and manoeuvre seamlessly.

New Era

Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc

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Araumi imprisoned.

When Kagura showed Boruto Uzumaki around the prison, the village was put on high-alert as a terrorist attack caused airships to crash. This was in fact a diversion by Araumi's clan to rescue him. His son, Isari, and his team snuck into the prison and freed him. There, Araumi absorbed one of the guard's moisture to revitalise himself. He escaped the prison to rejoin his clan, who used the chaos to take over many Land of Water islands. Upon return to his base, Araumi heartily enjoyed a feast with his children. As Tenma arrived to join in, he reluctantly revealed that his fortress ship was destroyed by a team of Kiri and Konoha-nin, along with the ship's Chakra Cannon. Araumi insisted that it was fine at this point, convinced that he would win this war.

Later, Isari reported to Araumi that the Mizukage had joined the front lines, who looked forward to the conflict. He was also informed that Seiren had went on ahead to take care of matters. Later, Araumi was furious to learn of Seiren being struck down in battle, Tenma being killed by the Mizukage, and the diversion plan failing because of Tenma. Blaming it all on Isari, as it was his plan, he decided to relieve his son of command, giving his position to Seiren upon her recovery, and keeping Isari at the base. Araumi commanded all forces to prepare for a direct attack on Kirigakure, and sent word to call off Funamushi's mission.

Later, as repairs from the recent battle were slow and manpower was diminished, Araumi grew restless and furious, blaming Isari for their defeats. Upon learning of Funamushi's death and Seiren's impending demise, Araumi became convinced that Ikada was their only chance for victory. After Seiren finally passed, Araumi watched with pride as Ikada pushed aside his own goals to avenge his sister, awakening his true Funato power. When Jibiki reported Isari's secret plan to negotiate with the Mizukage for a peaceful resolution for both, Araumi ostensibly permitted him to do as he pleases, but secretly commanded his harpoon to kill Isari, believing his child failed to understand that the war was necessary. With his youngest son ready, Araumi galvanised his entire clan and all his sympathisers to attack Kirigakure. He took control of all airwaves to announce his all-out attack, and proclaimed he would kill all who opposed him, proving so when his harpoon acted on his order to kill Isari. When Ikada successfully navigated their fleet through the Sea of Death, he felt proud, wishing Tenma and Seiren could see him. With the Shinonome 1 in sight, he and Ikada rallied their forces.

Araumi is subdued by Kawaki.

Araumi was surprised by Team 7's arrival, and was disappointed when they asked for the end of the conflict, unwilling to believe the Mizukage's offer. He departed the ship to the mobile fortress, which had its chakra cannon charging a shot aimed at the Shinonome 1. He smugly watched as Boruto offered to sacrifice his own life to end the war. Ultimately, Boruto went through with his offer by throwing himself into the raging waters to die, with the last request that his friends not seek revenge. The genuine actions of Team 7 made Ikada save Boruto himself, and he and his men decide to abandon their hatred of Kirigakure. Despite this, Araumi refused to let the war end without his victory. He prepared to fire the Chakra Cannon, only to be stopped and struck down by Kawaki. Araumi is once again imprisoned in the aftermath of the war.


  • Written as 荒海 (araumi), his name means "rough seas".