This fighting style relies on Jirōbō's brute strength to carry out showy and violent physical attacks. By taking careful control of his weight and making complicated body movements, Jirōbō is able to use his entire body to break and crush targets. Jirōbō's naturally "monstrous" strength is drastically increased when he activates his cursed seal, to the point that, in its second level, he is able to throw Chōji Akimichi's Super Multi-Size Technique.[1]


Arhat Fist.png
Rising Knee (昇膝, Shōshitsu, English TV: Crushing Knee): Jirōbō strikes his opponent with an upward thrust of his knee.[2]
Shoulder Charge.png
Thrusting Shoulder (突肩, Tokken, English TV: Shoulder Charge): Jirōbō strikes his opponent with his shoulder.[2]
Crumbling Palm (崩掌, Hōshō, English TV: Shatter Palm): Jirōbō strikes his opponent with a forward palm thrust.[3]
Upwards Attacking Palm.png
Rising Attack Palm (昇撃掌, Shōgekishō, English TV: Slamming Palm): Jirōbō strikes his opponent with an upwards palm thrust.[4]
Pressure Palm.png
Pressure Palm (圧掌, Asshō, English TV: Crushing Palm): Jirōbō strikes his opponent with a downwards palm thrust.[4]
Rock Attack.png
Rock Attack (岩撃, Gangeki, English TV: Slamming Boulder): Jirōbō punches his opponent.[4]


  • Arhat fist is a general name for all the styles of Chinese martial arts that are named after the Arhats, individuals who have achieved nirvana.


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