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"Arrival" (到着, Tōchaku) is chapter 611 of the original Naruto manga.


As the Tailed Beast Ball bearing down upon the Ten-Tails, Madara and Obito have the beast simply flick the ball back at Gyūki, leaving Naruto's shadow clone, and Kakashi open for an attack. After the clone successfully pushes Kakashi out of the way, Obito reflects on how much Naruto was like himself before the Ten-Tails' attack disperses the shadow clone and sends Gyūki flying. With the Tailed Beast Mode and B's full transformation at their limits, Kurama and Gyūki tell Naruto and B to buy them some time while they generate more chakra to use. As the opposition notices this, and his team-mates already somewhat incapacitated, Naruto prepares to create more shadow clones which Madara chides him for, calling him incompetent. Kakashi also echoes these sentiments and Obito goes on to explain to Naruto that no matter how much he multiplied something, its nature would never change. He goes on to lament that all shinobi were powerless and that one day, they would all end up like he did. This causes Naruto to lash out at Obito once again stating his dream to become Hokage which leads Obito to tell him that he would make him the Hokage inside the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and as the Ten-Tails prepared to fire a Tailed Beast Ball, asked that Naruto vanish together with this world. As the ball fires, the shinobi are shocked to realise that the beast had missed. Just then, from above, Ino, Hinata, Hiashi and a few others arrive and it is revealed that Ino was able to shift the blast after taking control of Obito for a split second. Immediately, several Aburame use the Insect Jamming Technique, and a group of Kirigakure-nin shroud the battlefield in mist to stop them from being sensed. Shortly after this, the entire Allied Shinobi Forces arrive at the battlefield, causing the Sensing Water Sphere at headquarters to distort. The Ten-Tails swipes one of its tails to clear the mist, and several shinobi use Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique to cancel the blast. Naruto announces that they were no longer a disorderly crowd before announcing a new technique — the "Allied Shinobi Forces Technique" — which is the strongest technique that ever existed in the shinobi world and that it could win against the Infinite Tsukuyomi.


  • In the last panel of this chapter, B is depicted wearing an Allied Shinobi Forces' forehead protector instead of his Kumogakure's forehead protector. This wasn't corrected in the tankōbon version. Also, the left sleeve of Might Guy's jumpsuit is missing. However, the left sleeve is added in the tankōbon version.