This is the article on the article on chapter 154 of the manga. For the article on chapter 611 of the manga, head to Arrival.

"Arrival…!!" (到達…!!, Tōtatsu…!!, Viz: Convergence…!!) is chapter 154 of the original Naruto manga.


Worried, Tsunade tries to leave Tanzaku Quarters, but Shizune convinces her to visit some tourist attractions first. Meanwhile, the mark on his palm is still not helping Naruto to concentrate his chakra. He remembers back to his days in the Academy when Iruka had him concentrate on his studies by placing a leaf on his forehead. Deciding to make use of a lesson he dismissed at the time, Naruto modifies the mark into the appearance of a leaf, finally helping him concentrate enough chakra into his Rasengan to burst the rubber ball, completing the second step. As Tsunade and Shizune elsewhere look at Tanzaku Castle, the castle collapses and Orochimaru emerges from the rubble.

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