"As Kazekage…!!" (風影として…!!, Kazekage Toshite…!!, Viz: The Kazekage Stands Tall…!!) is chapter 249 of the original Naruto manga.


While freeing himself from Gaara's sand, Deidara notices that Gaara seems to have two sand sources: the sand of the desert surrounding them and a special kind used for defence and precision attacks. The Sunagakure villagers watch the battle from the ground below, Kankurō remembering Gaara's desire to protect the village and its inhabitants with his life. The villagers, no longer fearing Gaara as they once did, encourage him to defeat his opponent. Taking advantage of their presence, Deidara drops a C3 explosive on the village. Gaara shields the village from the explosion but, in his preoccupation, is almost hit by one of Deidara's clay explosives. His Shield of Sand blocks it in time, but Gaara finds that Deidara has managed to hide explosives in this special sand. After they detonate, Gaara uses the last of his energy to make sure that the sand from their battle should not fall on the entire village before Deidara captures him.

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As Kazekage…!! +
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風影として…!! +
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As Kazekage…!! +, 風影として…!! +  and Kazekage Toshite…!! +
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