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アサカ Asaka
Anime Boruto Episode #160
Appears in Anime
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Sex Gender Male.svg Male
Status Deceased
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Asaka (アサカ, Asaka) was a shinobi from the Land of Haze.


Asaka and his brothers were orphans who found a home in the Land of Haze's orphanage. Despite it being a smaller and impoverished country, they enjoyed having decent meals. They would also often spend their time playing under a large peach tree.


Like his brothers, Asaka was an extremely committed man. He would willingly sacrifice himself for his brothers and his mission. This came from the hardships of his childhood. Appreciating what it is like to suffer in life, he treasured any small peace of joy he could have. Of the brothers, Asaka was outwardly the most detached, pushing aside grief for the loss of his siblings to complete his mission. Despite this, he truly cherished his family, determined to make their sacrifices mean something. As the oldest, he was seemingly the leader of his team, as each brother entrusted him with their earrings.


Asaka had proficiency with Water Release, able to create water clones. He also carried a tantō, hinting at ability in kenjutsu. Like his brothers he was proficient in Haze-Style Kinjutsu. His signature technique was to produce a massive explosion to destroy his enemies alongside himself.

New Era

Kara Actuation Arc

Main article: Kara Actuation Arc Asaka and his brothers were given a mission to retrieve the cells of the First Hokage Hashirama Senju, which made its way into the black market in the Land of Silence. Using their female disguises, Asaka and his brothers attempted to seduce Kirisaki to learn of the location of the cell. However, he lost interest when Boruto Uzumaki arrived himself taking the appearance of a woman.

Asaka and Yūga confront Boruto.

Witnessing Boruto and his comrades taking away an unconscious Kirisaki, Asaka and his brothers tracked them to learn that Sakuya had the cell in her possession. Yoruga gave his earring to Asaka, with the intention of sacrificing his life in order for their mission to be a success. Before his passing Yoruga asked Asaka and Hiruga to promise him to leave his earring by the peach tree in their homeland. Asaka, Hiruga and Yūga successfully sneaked into the castle thanks to Yoruga’s sacrifice to bypass the barrier ninjutsu surrounding the castle. Asaka and Yūga managed to locate and kill Sakuya and claim the cell. Boruto arrived and using the opportunity for a getaway, they framed him for the deaths of Sakuya and her butler, but not before the latter alerted the castle guards of her death and alleged culprits. Having successfully escaped the village, Asaka and his remaining brothers mourned Yoruga.

While making their way back to their country, Asaka learned they were being followed, and in order for their mission to be a success, Yūga stayed behind to stall their pursuers. Yūga passed on his earring to Asaka before they part ways. Later, much to their dismay, Yūga's sacrifice failed to stop the enemies from pursuing them. Like the other brothers, Asaka was given Hiruga's earring before falling back to stall the Konoha-nin while Asaka went on with the Hashirama Cell.

Asaka addresses Deepa.

Later, to his shock, Hiruga returned. Convinced it was an enemy disguised as Higura, Asaka attacked him, furious to someone disgraced his younger brother's memory. Before he could strike, Asaka was stopped by Boruto. He explained how Hiruga stopped his technique after learning of a new coming threat to Asaka. While Hiruga was ashamed to have not completed his mission in holding off the Konoha-nin, Asaka was relieved to see his only remaining brother was still alive. Despite their different goals, Asaka and his brother agreed to team up with the Konohan-nin. However, Deepa arrived and struck down the brothers. As Deepa quickly overpowered the Konoha-nin, Asaka awoke. Furious to see his brother killed and failing to honour his team's sacrifice, Asaka decided to make his stand. He faced Deepa and offered the Hashirama Cell in exchange for Deepa leaving them alone. Deepa happily accepted, but upon getting too close, Asaka grabbed him. He unleashed his Red Spider Lily technique in an effort to destroy Deepa, which failed as Deepa's durable body easily resisted it.