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アサキ Asaki
Anime Boruto Episode #117
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Female Female
  • Remon's attendant
  • Yoimura Clan

Asaki (アサキ, Asaki) is a member of the Yoimura clan, as well as Remon Yoimura's attendant.


Asaki is a very compassionate and dutiful woman. She cares very much for her village and Remon. She is also shown to be a very observant woman, as she was the only one to notice that Kankitsu was acting strangely.


Asaki is an elderly woman with long wavy white-greyish hair. She wears a small glasses and a red violet kimono with a matching apron, white tabi, and sandals.

New Era

Konohamaru's Love Arc

Main article: Konohamaru's Love Arc As the village was preparing for the wedding ritual between Kankitsu Akitsuki and Remon, they were approached by Konohamaru Sarutobi and Boruto Uzumaki, who previously befriended Remon. While they were asked to leave by Kankitsu, Asaka soon after approached them, voicing her concerns about Kankitsu's recent change in nature and asked the ninja to investigate him. Soon afterwards, she was approached by Kankitsu, who used the power of Sōma to wipe her recent memories. She was later approached by Boruto, wondering who the boy was and how he knew the Yoimura residence's location.

Something That Steals Memories

Asaki's memories has taken away when protecting Boruto.

Before she could ponder more, she noticed Kankitsu walking by with Remon's special hair clip. She then followed Kankitsu into the sacred shrine housing Sōma, where he prepared to destroy Remon's hair clip. She stopped him and demanded to know his true intentions. Instead Kankitsu prepared to kill her, but was stopped by Boruto. Kankitsu then fired his energy at Boruto, which, Asaki shielded from Boruto with her body and collapsing. Boruto soon found himself in a similar outcome.

After Remon and Konohamaru managed to sever Sōma's horns and trapped it permanently within her body, Asaki, whose memories had returned, watched over the unconscious Remon with Kankitsu. Remon did not either remember the two or herself, much to Asaki's concerns, but Kankitsu decided to help her remember as much as possible from then on.

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