"Asura's Decision" (アシュラの決意, Ashura no Ketsui) is episode 467 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Asura feels his chakra reacting to the location. He comes to the conclusion that the sap of the God Tree is what is making people sick. It acts as a fertiliser to the land, and when people eat food grown in that land, the sap builds up on them. Asura and Taizō suspect that because the village elder had the place under guard, he is aware of this. Asura, Taizō, and Kanna talk the village elder about the God Tree, Asura explaining he was sent to do something about it. The elders explain how dire their situation was before the God Tree started nourishing the land, with yearly droughts, and countless deaths due to starvation. Kanna is resigned to continue living there and endure what comes. Asura tells the villagers about the dangers of the God Tree, but the villagers turn against him when they learn he's from the village of Ninshū. Hagoromo and Gamamaru discuss Indra and Asura's missions, both having been sent to villages with the same problem. In the village he was sent to, Indra is certain all the villagers together won't be able to reach a decision. Thinking back to Hagoromo's words, Asura decides to help the village without destroying the God Tree, even if it takes him years. Indra returns from his journey. Kanna finds Asura and Taizō digging a well. Hagoromo wants to wait for Asura's return before making his decision. Indra meets with Black Zetsu, who continues to influence him. After a year has passed, Asura returns to the Land of Ancestors with some of the villagers. Gamamaru informs Hagoromo what he learned watching the two from afar. In the village Asura visited, after learning his plan to dig a well, the villagers helped him, and Asura taught them Ninshū. Working together, they managed to find water, allowing them to safely destroy the God Tree. Hagoromo reaches a decision.


RoleSeiyūEnglish Voice Actor
Hagoromo ŌtsutsukiMitsutaka Tachikawa立川 三貴Tachikawa MitsutakaDoug Stone
AsuraOki Sugiyama杉山 大Sugiyama ŌkiChris Hackney
IndraTakashi Kondo近藤 隆Kondō TakashiRobbie Daymond
FutamiKenji Nojima野島 健児Nojima KenjiLucien Dodge
KannaNatsuki Aikawa相川 奈都姫Aikawa NatsukiErica Lindbeck
TaizōRyuichi Kijima木島 隆一Kijima RyūichiBryce Papenbrook
Village HeadMinoru Kawai河合 みのるKawai MinoruJamieson Price
GamamaruShogo Nakamura中村 章吾Nakamura ShōgoTodd Haberkorn
Mysterious boyKengo Kawanishi河西 健吾Kawanishi KengoTravis Willingham
Kanna's MotherMariko Higashiuchi東内 マリ子Higashiuchi MarikoKate Higgins
VillagersTakaki Otomari
Yo Tokinaga
大泊 貴揮
時永 洋
Ōtomari Takaki
Tokinaga Yō
Kate Higgins
Kaiji Tang
Tony Oliver
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