"Attack" (, Osō, Viz: Assault) is chapter 639 of the original Naruto manga.


As the others in the immediate area look on in shock, Tobirama calls out to Hiruzen and Minato to jump. Recognising the protocol, they soon turn to see that Obito has been plastered with explosive tags. Calling out to Hashirama who binds Obito with his Wood Release, Tobirama sets off the explosions leading Minato to comment on Tobirama's swift action. Noting that as the creator of the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique, he also created the would-be suicidal fighting style that surrounded the use of the technique, Tobirama launches his Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags technique causing a continuous explosion around Obito. When the smoke cleared, however, it is revealed that Obito is unharmed due to the resilient substance surrounding him. Theorising what exactly the substance was, Hiruzen attacks Obito with the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique summoning a giant shuriken to do so. However, the substance proves once again too versatile for these attacks and eradicates these weapons. This leads Hiruzen to link it to Ōnoki's Dust Release and surmises that the substance was made from at least four nature transformations. As Naruto worries about protecting the Hokage, Sasuke notes that they were using their immortal bodies to gain a sense of Obito's abilities so they could find a way to defeat him which led Sasuke to tell Naruto to stop worrying about them. Minato, while noting Sasuke's intelligence, notes that their bodies took a while to reconstruct so he would have to create an opening for them. Elsewhere, the real Hashirama decides to head to the fore as well, but is stopped by Madara who stated he was done waiting around for his Senju rival. Taking his chance when it appeared that Obito had still not gotten used to being the beast's jinchūriki, Minato teleports his clone to his side and prepares to use the Spiralling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Style Three technique with the clone. However, Obito makes a play to attack Naruto but is blocked by Sasuke's Susanoo. Even with his torso halfway across the battlefield, Obito is able to take Minato by surprise and send him reeling. As Sasuke attempts to attack Obito, however, he takes both him and Naruto by surprise, breaking through Susanoo's defence and attacking the two. As Minato prepares to teleport again, he anxiously hopes he makes it in time.


  • In this chapter, Ōnoki is mistakenly shown wearing the Hokage's hat instead of the Tsuchikage's. This was later corrected in the tankōbon version.
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