Bamboo Village
Bamboo Village.png
Kanji 竹ノ村
Rōmaji Take no Mura
Novel Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise
Village Data
Country Land of Hot Water
Leader Iō (Bamboo Village)

The Bamboo Village (竹ノ村, Take no Mura) is a small village in the Land of Hot Water. It is surrounded by a forest of bamboo, and as such most of the village's buildings and goods are made out of bamboo.

Because it is such a remote village, the villagers received aid from the Lightning Group in the past. When the Lightning Group came into conflict with Kirigakure, its surviving members sought refuge in Bamboo Village. The villagers refused to help them, fearing reprisal from Kiri. Years later, this rejection of the Lightning Group causes Bamboo Village to be attacked by the Dark Thunder Group, but the village is saved by Sasuke Uchiha.

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