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バンナ Banna

  • Naruto Uzumaki (うずまきナルト, Uzumaki Naruto)
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #233
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Banna (バンナ, Banna) is a citizen of the Land of Water and an imposter who claims himself to be "Naruto Uzumaki".


As a child, Banna was picked on because of his appearance. He, however, made one friend named Iggy.


Banna is a kind individual, a trait his friend Iggy took advantage of somewhat. He was also a caring individual despite his somewhat brutish appearance as well as jovial despite the harshness that he endured as a child.


Banna is a large, muscular man. He has a short, red spiky hair and a beard that covers his face. In terms of attire, he wore a green jacket with the sleeves torn off over a yellow shirt along with a pair of pants, sandals and arm-guards. He also wore a forehead protector with a backwards Konohagakure symbol on it when posing as "Naruto Uzumaki".


Though not much was seen of his abilities, he possessed enough strength to wield a giant club in one hand with great dexterity.

Part II

Paradise Life on a Boat

Imposter Naruto

Banna meets the real Naruto Uzumaki.

Banna attacks Naruto, Yamato, Aoba and Guy while they are in the Land of Water posing as "Naruto Uzumaki". Shocked when he finds out that the real Naruto was right in front of him, he nevertheless challenges him but is beaten and tied up.

While the Konoha shinobi are deciding what to do with him, Iggy appears claiming to be an officer of the law and a shinobi, telling them that he would take Banna into custody. After the shinobi leaves, Iggy frees Banna and it is revealed that the two are cohorts in a scheme to have Iggy gain fame for defeating Naruto Uzumaki. Banna is later captured after a group of Mercenary Ninja hear that Naruto was in the Land of Water and decide to capture him. Banna is later freed by Iggy that comes somewhat reluctantly out of fear. The two attempt to put up a fight against the mercenaries but are unsuccessful. They are later saved by the Konoha shinobi and together they fight the group of mercenaries.


  • Banna's name might be a play on the word "banana". This, along with his appearance which is similar to that of an ape, bananas are stereotyped to be their favourite food.
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