An "Imitation Human Ninja Art" (擬人忍法, Gijin Ninpō), this technique transforms a ninken into their Inuzuka partner. By doing this, the Inuzuka gains a copy of themselves that serves the same practical purpose as a shadow clone but without a shadow clone's steep chakra requirement. Even though they look identical, the ninken - because it's an animal - is likely to give away which of the two is which from how it moves and acts. To counteract this, the Inuzuka typically uses an Imitation Beast Ninja Art, causing them to act more feral and thus make it harder to tell them apart.[1] As with any transformation, the ninken will revert to their original form if they're knocked out.[2]

When the Beast Human Clone is first used during the Chūnin Exams arc, Akamaru is seemingly the one to use this technique after he's been fed a soldier pill.[3] When it's used again during the Sasuke Recovery Mission, it is seemingly performed by Akamaru's partner, Kiba Inuzuka, instead.[4] On both occasions, the Beast Human Clone's use typically precedes the Fang Passing Fang. By Part II, the Beast Human Clone no longer seems necessary for Kiba and Akamaru's manoeuvres, presumably because Akamaru's natural size is much closer to Kiba's than it was in Part I.


  • This technique's complete name is Imitation Human Ninja Art: Beast Human Clone (擬人忍法・獣人分身, Gijin Ninpō: Jūjin Bunshin).[3]
  • In Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire, Kiba calls this technique "Beast Human Transformation" (獣人変化, Jūjin Henge).


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