Bingo Books (手配書, Bingo Bukku) are black books used by ninja that contain any and all information on black-listed ninja they are to target. There are multiple versions of the Bingo Books, the most common being those based from the Hidden Villages.


Normally, Bingo Book entries are compiled by a village's high ranking officials, usually the Kage, that are then distributed to its jōnin and Anbu members. Those listed are typically dangerous ninja from rival villages, missing-nin, or potential security threats that are to be eliminated given the opportunity.[1] A unit of Anbu from Kirigakure, the hunter-nin, have the sole purpose of eradicating missing-nin so that no physical trace of their body remains.[2]

The Akatsuki, on the other hand, use their Bingo Book for purpose of listing their jinchūriki targets and certain ninja from the villages who have potential use to them. In Kakuzu's case, he lists his Bingo Book with information on various ninja with large bounties on their heads so that he can claim the bounty on them.[3]

Known entries


In Sakura Hiden, Sai investigates several individuals listed in the Bingo Book to determine if any are behind recent attacks in Konoha. He dismisses each of them as suspects for different reasons:

  • Tenzen (テンゼン) is a missing-nin of Kirigakure. He has been causing mischief near Kumogakure for the year prior to Sakura Hiden.
  • Genba (ゲンバ) was a member of the group called "Tamanuki" (魂抜き). He died of an illness half a year before the events of Sakura Hiden.
  • Baraki (バラキ) was the leader of a group called "The Deceased" (, ). The group was at some point absorbed by another organization, in which Baraki does not hold much influence.


  • Although the word for Bingo Book is written as "Tehaisho" (手配書), it is read the same as the English "Bingo Book". The kanji would literally translate to "Wanted Person Book" and is commonly used to refer to wanted posters.
  • According to Kabuto, his own bounty within the Bingo Book pales in comparison to Sasuke's or Orochimaru's.[5]


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