This is a "dance of death" that Kankurō performs with puppets. He first uses Karasu, an attacking puppet, to strike at the target, causing targets to focus their attention on it. As they avoid its attacks, they are unwittingly navigated towards Kuroari, a capturing puppet, which seals them within its body. While they're trapped inside Kuroari, Karasu's head and six limbs are separated from its body, each of which has its own concealed blade. The seven blades are simultaneously inserted into slots on Kuroari's body, killing the target inside.[1]


  • The name of this technique is a play on a popular Japanese toy, "Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu", in which the goal of the toy is to stick little plastic swords into a barrel to make the pirate in the centre jump out.
  • This technique is similar to the Devil's Torture Chamber, a magic trick where a magician appears to stab their assistant - who is confined within a box - with swords.
  • The English translation of this technique's name is a reference to the iron maiden, a coffin-like torture device with sharp spikes lining the inside. A victim is forced to stand straight up inside until they can no longer support themselves, at which point they are forced to lean on the spikes, resulting in a slow and painful death.
  • In Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, Kuroari gets impaled in mid-air, is slammed to the ground, and then explodes.


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