LegionZero wrote: Can we make note of the fact that Bee told Gyuki that they should visit Naruto.... If he had all the Tailed Beasts chakra leaving the waterfall wouldn't be an issue.

This is literally the poster child of a make-something-out-of-nothing argument

QuakingStar wrote: The Tailed Beasts were still there, outside of any hosts when Naruto and Sasuke ended I.T. so that can't be used as proof of anything. Naruto and Sasuke are overrated, you guys love them. I get it. I never said they were weak, but they are definitely not as strong as people like to make them out to be. They each have their own Six Paths Chakra thanks to awakening the Rinnegan and SPSM, which does not mean they are just as strong as when they fought Kaguya and each other.

No, it's proof. At the end of their fight, when Naruto and Sasuke are laying there in the ruins, Sasuke specifically states that if they transfer his Rinnegan to Kakashi, Naruto's Tailed Beast Chakra and the Rinnegan would undo the IT. There is no getting around it. Naruto has the beast's chakra, end of debate. It's a crack-pot theory to suggest an alternative to what has been plainly stated at least three times in the manga, two of those instances after the fight with Sasuke.

And your supposition is completely ignoring the fact that the tailed beasts got released after IT was undone.

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